Another man alleges he was assaulted by Amotekun; shares photos of his scars as he narrates horrific encounter

A man has alleged that he was assaulted by the Amotekun security outfit and he narrated how it happened.




The make-up artist said he went to visit a friend but found himself in the wrong address. While trying to retrace his steps, he saw armed men and assumed they were police officers.




He said he approached them, asking for directions, however, according to the make-up artist, they attacked him without reason, beat him up with a rod, and asked what valuables he has with him.




At this point, he said he assumed they were armed robbers. He claimed they told him they wouldn’t have any use for his phone since it’s an iPhone.




He also alleged that they stripped him, asked him to hump the floor and roll naked on the hard gravel.




He said he eventually found out the men were Amotekun.




At about 4am, he claimed they put him in their bus, then threw him out of it when they got to the busstop.




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