OAP Dotman Attacks Those Who Celebrated Mother’s Day

OAP Do2dtun has attacked those who don’t really care about their mum but still took to social media to celebrate them on Mother’s Day.

In a post he shared on Twitter, Do2dtun stated that he knows of a man who beats his wife and doesn’t care for his mum. Surprisingly, the man was on social media celebrating them on Mother’s Day as if he truly cared.

He tweeted:

“You posted a picture of ur mum or wife on Mother’s Day & u don’t care for them. Who are u deceiving? You are an infidel

“Stop playing to the gallery. Do what’s right.

“This to that one guy I know who beats his wife & doesn’t care for his mum but flaunts them on Mother’s Day”.

@draejohn22 reacted:

“Some people flaunted their mum but didn’t put a call through to her throughout the day, and their mum didn’t even see their posts”.


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