Nollywood actor Ernest Azuzu reportedly down with stroke and begging for money for treatment

One of Nollywood’s greats, Ernest Asuzu might not be in the best of times as he was recently spotted begging for financial assistance publicly.

In a video shared by an Instagram user, @Bolingo2014 on Monday, January 27, 2020, Ernest Asuzu is seen shirtless and looking sick but wearing a very nice hair cute and gold necklace. According to the Instagram user, Ernest Asuzu was spotted begging for financial assistance along the road.

“I’m directing this video to Nollywood. This is a star that everybody knows that he is in this kind of condition. We saw him at Justrite asking men for money when he has Nollywood people doing anything they like but they don’t know how to help themselves.

Ernest Asuzu’s career took a nosedive a few years ago after fallen ill and his recovery journey has been slower than expected. In 2018, during an interview, Asuzu noted that he kept having sex during the period he was down with the stroke, adding that he feared his wife would desert him.


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