Harrysongs Visits Ghetto For The First Time In Years, Shares Terrifying Experience

Sensational singer, Harrysongs has shared his experience while visiting a ghetto.

The singer who recently visited the ghetto took to his Instagram page to share his experience. According to him, before his rise to fame, he lived in such a neighborhood and he understands how people live in such harsh conditions. Harry observed disunity amongst the people while sharing gifts and lamented over when Nigerians would change their “dog eat dog” mentality towards one another. He called for unity in the country as the fight should be against poverty and not against one another.

REAL LIFE. At some point in my life, I lived in this type of neighbourhood and I know what life here looks like.I decided to pay a visit and rub minds with some of the people there. One thing I noticed is that even with the gifts I brought, there was disunity, people trying to cheat each other, people pushing other people’s children away so that their own children will get double. It got me thinking, when will we change this “dog eat dog” attitude of ours as a nation? When will we unite as a people and fight our common enemy: POVERTY the fight is against poverty, not against one another


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