Brazil’s supreme court rules in support of Netflix comedy depicting a gay Jesus

The supreme court in Brazil has ruled in favour of the Netflix comedy depicting Jesus as gay.

AFP reports that Judge Antonio Diaz Toffoli, head of the Supreme Federal Court, supported Netflix’s appeal against banning the movie. In his ruling, he denied the idea that the movie was insulting to Christians.

“One cannot suppose that a humorous satire has the ability to weaken the values of the Christian faith, whose existence is traced back more than two thousand years, and which is the belief of the majority of Brazilian citizens,” the ruling stated.

A spokesperson for Netflix had on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, said, “We strongly support artistic expression and we will fight to defend this important principle, which is the heart of great stories”.

This latest development is coming barely 24 hours after a lower court had ordered Netflix to take down the said move from its streaming platform.


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