The Proven, Magic Formula for Hosting an Instagram Contest

Here is our proven Instagram contest formula to help you get more followers on Instagram from a single post:

  1. Partner with a brand or influencer with a similar target market and audience
  2. Choose a prize that gets your community excited
  3. If you’re partnering with an influencer, have them host the contest on their account (if you’re partnering with a brand, you can determine the best account to host the contest)
  4. Create clear rules: to enter, follow @youraccount and @yourpartner and tag X # of friends in a comment
  5. Run your contest for a short period of time: no more than 5 days, ideally 2-3 days

Vitamix followed this Instagram contest formula when partnering with popular food blogger Foodess, resulting in ~331 followers in 3 days, which is impressive considering Foodess has a following of around 11k.


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