The 5 Best Ways to Grow Instagram Followers For Your Business

The Smart Way to Get Instagram Followers

Let’s dig in on how to get GREAT followers for your Instagram account. While these following five methods will undoubtedly take you more time than a method of getting “quantity” followers, they hold the promise of giving your business more qualified followers who will be in it for the long haul. These users will be much more likely to give you the return you seek in your Instagram marketing efforts.

1. Monitor a hashtag in your niche to find those who fit your buyer persona. When done on a daily basis, hashtag monitoring will not only gain inside scoop on market trends and competitive information, but it will also introduce you to people who are likely to want to learn more about you by following you on Instagram.

So if you’re that sushi place in Chicago, you may wish to monitor the following hashtags

2. Monitor a hashtag in your niche to gain user generated content — and followers. This is taking your hashtag monitoring a step further. Unless you’re in startup mode, you’ll be surprised how many Instagram users are already posting photos of your business, products, or services. And users will be happy to let you share their photos with your followers if you ask nicely.

Users often get flattered that a business finds their post worthy of a regram. In order for them to see your regram, they’ll most likely follow you so that they can see your borrowed photo in their feed. They might also give you a shoutout to their followers about your love of their original post. See how it happens with color taste makers Pantone.

3. Cosponsor a Instagram contest. Partner with another Instagram user in your niche for a contest in which the entrant must follow the both of you. See how athletic apparel store RiseNY hosted a contest with the Website SneakerWatch?

4. Post to Instagram on a regular basis.
While there is value in charming other Instagram users through commenting on their posts or offering a contest prize, it’s also important to show the value of your account — and business — by consistently sharing great photos and short videos. Be sure to use targeted hashtags (a la #chicagofoodscene) to be found by others who will be interested in what you offer.

You can schedule, queue, and direct publish to your Instagram business profiles from your mobile device or desktop using Agorapulse.

5. Promote your Instagram presence wherever you can.

Inform your circles and customers about your business Instagram account. Start by telling folks on your Website. Add a widget that gives visitors a flavor of what your account looks like and gets them to your account with a tap or click.

Let your email subscribers know about your Instagram account and encourage them to follow you there. Both Constant Contact and Mailchimp have Instagram integrations so that you can boldly display what your Instagram presence.


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