Read What Top Instagrammers Have To Say About Getting More Engagement

Instagram is the in thing now in this instant world and with more than a billion active users monthly, the platform is flourishing at a very fast rate. Even with the algorithm becoming stricter, Instagram is still the preferred platform whether you are an individual user or a business user. It has so far been the best platform for influencers and users alike.

By learning from other Instagram specialists who have performed extremely well, you can apply the same rules and use similar strategies to get new likes and followers.

You will have the confidence to reach out and handle your audience in a more effective manner. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to maintaining a solid marketing strategy and that is exactly when you should listen to what specialists in the industry have to say.

Here are a few things that the most popular instagrammers want to share –

  • Be consistent, but focus more on quality – While consistency in theme, strategy, post or content is important, more important is your content. If the content is good, you will see more engagements. If users find the content boring or not interactive, they will not comment or like.
  • Nice stories give you an edge – stories show more details about you as a person and users can connect better with you through stories. Even when you are not posting any other content on the feed, stories can be shared for people to see.
  • Show who you are and not what you are not – we are all emotional beings and experience different moods at different times. A small appreciation from a user, or a great boost can boost you and you may want to respond with some nice lengthy lines. Don’t even think twice before doing so. Just do it. It is good to share feelings with the users and they are sure to feel good about your compassion.
  • Use Instagram Tools Efficiently – Tools like poll, tags, linking, location etc. help your posts reach more audience thus increasing chances of engagements and likes.

Don’t worry about Instagram changes every now and then – just focus on creating excellent quality content and having fruitful engagements with your followers.

If your followers are loyal, there is nothing for you to worry about even if Instagram goes through huge changes. Here are some features to use to get most out of Instagram –

  • Live – use insta live which are considered as top priority and shown over all other feeds. It is a great way to connect to followers.
  • Use Updated Hashtags – Business accounts will have new analytics in the coming days which will easily show the hashtags that are working well. Use hashtags appropriately after doing a thorough study of the numbers and trends. Use hashtags on Instagram stories too, as users can follow hashtags.
  • Write prudent captions and catchy phrases – your followers look up to you. Write something good that will grab their attention and can end up in some good meaningful conversation. The more time people spend in reading your posts, the more advantage you have.An Instagram Post
  • Shoot more videos – people connect better to a story or a moving visual as compared to photos. Watching videos is easy and more understandable. If people are spending more time on your posts, this boosts the algorithm too.
  • Start with influencers, do your own research to find real influencers and grow your Instagram account whether it is your business account or your personal one.

These tips may seem simple, but you have to ensure that you do not underestimate the importance of taking them into consideration while devising a strategy.

It certainly takes time to get an idea of what is going to work for your business, but you can take a leaf out of an expert’s book and utilize the same rules to make your page work too.

So, be ready to research and identify the trend that is going to work for your business and Instagram.


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