Five reasons why women drool over men with beards

November is a no shave month for men. The aim is to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness.

However, there is something about a confident, sexy, bearded man that makes women drool over their timeless sense of style and understanding of their masculine features.

This is what you must know about such men;

1. Growing and maintaining a beard calls for serious responsibility and commitment

There is no doubt that men with beards are neat and cautious about their looks.

Growing a beard does require some serious care, responsibility and shows a certain type of commitment which women are attracted to when seeking a life partner. Such habits suggest that the man is a responsible man.

2. They are patient

If he has the patience to grow and groom a beard, he’d definitely be patient with you. Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to starting and maintaining a serious and meaningful relationship with another person.

3. Timeless classy look

And the jealous looks you get from other women will always remind you that you’ve snatched a spice. Your bearded boyfriend will always look classy and have that timeless manly and handsome look which only a beard can provide.

4. He’s more likely to commit to you

What is the need for a relationship without commitment? If he can commit to growing a beard, then committing to you will be easy.

Bearded men are rated as older, more masculine, more socially dominant and aggressive looking than clean-shaven men.

5. The beard just feels great at touch

Forget all the virtues and characteristics a beard stands for, and just admit that a beard does feel tickly, cuddly and soft at touch.

When you pick a man, who takes proper care of maintaining, trimming, washing, conditioning and oiling his facial hair you will find that you feel an irresistible urge to run your fingers through his beard, stroke and play with it.


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