7 easy ways to save money (#5 helps All the time)

You’re probably tired of hearing people — whether it’s your parents, friends or personal finance experts — tell you that you need to start saving more money now. What you really need instead are some helpful tips on how you can realistically start growing your savings today.

Fortunately, there are many easy ways you can save money every day. And in some cases, these tips will even help you earn a bit more cash on the side. Apply these money-saving tips to your life and you could save at least #300 a day, which adds up to about #3,000 a month.

1. Pack a Lunch Every Other Day

Limiting lunches out to every other workday can be a simple way to save #100 to #150 per meal — easily, up to #3500 over the course of a month.

2. Borrow a Dress or Suit
With friends’ weddings, corporate conferences and maybe even girls’ — or boys’ — nights out, it can be easy to find an excuse to buy a dress or suit every month. But unless you plan to wear that garment several more times in the future, it’s not really worth the expense. Next time you have an event coming up, borrow a nice outfit from a close friend or rent one for the day.

3. Skip the Bars one Weekend

By the time you take a cab, grab a bite to eat, order a few rounds of drinks and take a cab back home, you’re looking at an expensive night out on the town. Pick a Friday or Saturday night to stay in, order takeout, have some friends over and tell them to each bring along their favorite refreshment.

4. Clean Your Own House

Many people don’t have the luxury of employing household help, but there are plenty of people who spend at least #10,000 on a house cleaner every month. Try cleaning up after yourself just once — you’ll save a lot of cash and gain a greater appreciation for all your maid does for you.

5. Make a List Before shopping

Don’t go to the market hungry and unprepared, wandering each aisle in search of what you “need.” It’s amazing how planning a list of purchases before each weekly shopping trip will prevent you from coming home with an extra bag filled with potato chips, soda and frozen pizzas.

6. Collect Your Debts

Someone probably owes you money. It’s time for them to pay up.

7. Try Bartering

Yes, bartering. People really do exchange goods and services instead of cash, and they are saving a ton of money on everything from haircuts to child care.


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