5 success Tips for interested BBNaija 2019 Applicants

1: Get to the venue EARLY! Do not assume that the organisers will get there by 9 a.m so you should arrive by 8:30. Numbers will be likely given as people arrive and auditions in that order.

2: Organisers have requested for international passport. Don’t assume that because it is to be held in Nigeria, not having it with you won’t matter. You don screen yourself out small by small be that.

3: Dress well: Appeal to the eyes and don’t overdress or underdress to impress.
Note: Use perfume please or deodorant to smell nice but dont BATHE in it abeg.

4: Be well groomed: Nice hair cut/do, courtesy, good diction and charming personality will add to your credits.

5: Don’t force anything, Be yourself: Do not try to be unnecessarily funny, tough, petty, drama queen, serious or unserious, spiritual, loud, controversial…if you are any of the above, own it!

Meanwhile, note that this article is not an official work paper of the panelists. I may have only presented a rough script of the mandate given to the Director of Casting. I do not also guarantee that this will be adhered to at the audition.

Traits Being Sought

The members of the screening committee primarily look out for distinct and dramatic housemates. This may very likely be why at least three applicants will be admitted into the house. In fact, Khloe and Cee C of Season 3 were mostly casted partly because of this.

That notwithstanding, there are many other things they are looking out for. The “happy” talkative, the reserved fellow, the strategist, the appearance conscious person, the rebel and many more.

Finally, in your quest, do well to discover yourself and stick to your “selling point”. Good luck guys!

– Rotimi Ige

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