3 Nigerian celebrities who rocks Low Cut Hairstyle Like A boss

Rocking low-cut hairstyles is now a trend and we have celebrities such as Zainab Balogun, Nancy Isime and a few others.

From their outfits and seasonal posts, we can see that they also incorporate wigs into their wardrobes. So once in a while, Zainab can decide to snatch our edges with a wig, while Nancy steals the show with her bleached hair.

Here are 3 celebrity who rocks low cut hairstyle like a boss:

1. Chidinma Ekile
3 Ways to Rock Your Low Cut Hairstyle Like A Nigerian Celebrity Zumi

Chidinma is known for keeping her hair most of the time. Once in a while, she wears a different look but eventually, the low cut is her signature style. She maintains her fresh look with a classic undercut and curly hair.

2. Nancy Isime

The Nollywood actress is bold and fierce, even more so with her bleached hair. Sure, Nancy throws on a wig from time to time but that platinum blonde hair with the side part is unforgettable. Not looking to be dramatic with the hair tone, you could opt for a darker colour such as burgundy or brown.

3. Zainab Balogun
3 Ways to Rock Your Low Cut Hairstyle Like A Nigerian Celebrity Zumi

Zainab is absolutely stunning and stylish. Not only is her skin goals, she rocks her low cut with so much confidence- which is nothing such of inspiring. She keeps her look clean, fresh and drama-free. If you want an evergreen, youthful look, you should look to Zainab’s hairstyles for inspiration.


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