7 ways to make money online as a student

There are so many legit ways you can make money as a student. So many things can get you some cool cash as an undergrad.

Trust me, you won’t really have to pester your parents for pocket money every now and then. Just take the bull by the horn and start engaging yourself in money making activities.

Here are 7 business ideas you can run on campus.

1. Start a blog

Freelance or have a blog and get paid for the stories you write.
In this digital age, if you can write, Your writing skill can help you make some money as a student. Freelancing and blogging are associated with writing and with your writing gift, you can conveniently make money by writing for online platforms and get paid for your contents.

2. Buy and sell

You have no creative skill to make stuff but you are good at selling anything? You should really think about buying and selling.

Whenever you get your monthly allowance, save some to get few things you can sell to friends and students on campus. You can sell clothes, shoes, of jewelleries ETC.

3. Do graphics design

You can make money as a graphic designer as a student.
If you are a graphic designer and you enjoy what you do, you can make money by doing online design work for websites and brands.

4. Become a Youtube video blogger

If you have a gift for video and you’re not camera shy, becoming a video blogger will earn you some extra cash. You can get money based on the advertisements displayed on your videos. And guess what, the more people watch your videos, the more you get paid.

5. Designing and sell branded T-shirts

Another fantastic way to make money on campus is by designing T-shirts and sell them online. If you have great T-shirts, your schoolmates won’t hesitate to patronise you.

6. Doing transcription work
If you are very fast at typing and listening to audio files and typing them out, transcription work will earn you some cash. You can transcribe for journalists and Podcasters who want to transcribe their interviews or episodes into text.

7. Website/App designing

Do you have some programming talents? Creating apps should earn you lots of money as a student.