6 Things to do to keep your lips in good shape this harmattan Season

Winter harmattan is here and our skin’s and lips tend to get very dry & scaly due to the harsh weather, Use these tips to care for your lips during harmattan, and dry and chapped lips will never be your portion!

Your lips could be in bad shape because of the harsh weather. You’ll need to specially care for your lips during this harmattan to prevent them from getting chapped, dry or sore.

Here’s how to:

1. Drink Lots Of Water

Do you know that one of the causes of dry lips is dehydration? When you don’t drink enough water, your body is unable to moisturize your lips from within. So this is actually the most important tip, stay hydrated.

2. Exfoliate Your Lips

You’ll also need to exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin that can make your lips unsightly. You can do this with a simple scrub you can make from a combination of sugar and honey or coconut oil. Using a toothbrush, scrub your lips gently with the mixture for about a minute and then rinse off.

3. Don’t Lick Your Lips

This is the really hard one. When your lips are dry, your first instinct is to lick them. But interestingly, saliva contains enzymes that irritate and dry out your lips. So the more you lick your lips, the drier they’ll actually get.

4. Use A Lip Balm

Lip balms are wonderful for moisturizing the lips and protecting them from the harsh harmattan weather. But when shopping for lip balms, Avoid those with camphor, eucalyptus and mint as they could actually be drying for your lips. Go for those with natural oils like shea butter instead.

5. Avoid Matte Lipstains And Lipsticks

Matte Lipstains and lipsticks are very drying, they would literally suck all the life moisture out of your lips. Harmattan is really not the season for super matte lips, so it might be better to stick with lip glosses. If you must wear a lipstick, apply a light coating of lip balm on your lips first.

6. Don’t Peel Your Lips

As tempting as it might be to peel your lips when they crack, don’t. Peeling the dead skin before they’re ready to come off can cause sores on your lips. Instead just keep your lips moisturized with a lip balm or vaseline till it heals.