Things you should never do on a dating site

Everybody needs a special partner in his/her life, some people have met their soul mates while some are yet to. If you are among the later, and you’re looking to find love online, then it’s you I’m doing this for. Today, i’ll be sharing some important tips to help people trying to find their missing rib’s.

Below are some of the things you should avoid doing if you want to increase your matches.

Things you should never do

  1. Never Leave your bio blank, fill it up! Write the sweetest & most adorable things about you.
  2. Don’t wear sunglasses in your photos – they discourage prospective by 12 per cent

Things you should always do

  1. Smile in your photos – it can increase your chances by 14 per cent
  2. Pick photos of you wearing bright colours so you stand out from the background
  3. Use the smart photos, so it automatically picks your most popular photo first
  4. Log on Sunday afternoons – it’s the best time to use the app as it’s when the most people are online
  5. Use GIFs – they are 30% more likely to get a reply
  6. Be yourself and be respectful