5 Things you didn’t know men find sexy in women

My sister, If you think men are turned off by your trackie bottoms or make-up-free-face, think again.

Sometimes, the simplest things can create that spark, from using your wits to using the natural look.

Check out some of those things men find sexy in women.

There’s a few that mean sometimes less is more, while others may sound like the worst idea ever, but will actually make perfect sense.

No Make-up

Apparently women spend a fortune in their lifetime on beauty products, but according to Relate counsellor Mo Kurimbokus, they don’t need to: “When a woman doesn’t wear make-up, her natural beauty is on display.

“Also, some men find it a huge turn-off to kiss a woman and find that they are smeared with lipstick. Make-up can sometimes act as a barrier rather than a come-on, take note

Smudged make-up

    This is something that happens when we forget to take our make-up off after a night out. Surprisingly, Men find this sexy because you look like you’ve just made love. It reminds them of how great the afterglow of sex feels.

    Rounded stomachs

    Most women craved abs like Geri Halliwell’s but men actually find a potbelly attractive. According to Mo: “Men like women to feel soft and curvy, so a little potbelly can be a turn-on and give a woman that natural look. “If she’s not ‘perfect’, then he doesn’t feel he has to be either.”

    Stretch marks

    Those silvery lines are the bane of most women’s lives but some men actually like them!, What really does it for a man is a woman who is natural. Stretch marks remind a man of the child they created together and her commitment to him. It is also an intimate detail of a woman’s body that only he is privy to.

    “The curvy shape is synonymous with fertility so the soft fleshiness is tapping directly into his unconscious evolutionary desires.”

    Phoning or texting him when you’re drunk

    After a night out with the girls, a phone call to confess how much you miss him seems like a good idea at the time. Letting people know how you feel is both reassuring and attractive. We all like compliments. Just be careful with what you’re messaging!