Evolve! How New Media is Changing Conversations

A roadside newspaper stall used to be where majority of the populace gathered to read and discuss the news. Today, you’ll rarely see those places thronging with people. Online news platforms have sprung up and there are numerous discussion sites spread across the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora… all you need is a smartphone and a friendly data plan to be fed with – and to make – news on the go.

A word-of-mouth referral can boost the sales of any product. But it’s not just about the personal recommendation as much as it’s about who’s making the recommendation. These days, there are people you want and even pay — to announce your products and services because you know the magnitude of leads they’ll generate. How can you be one of those people?

The story keeps changing! The new technological advancements scream, “Evolve! Or be left behind.” Things no longer function the way they did in the years past, understand how they’re done and only then can you fully optimize the benefits that the new technology brings.
Join Afua Osei, Toba Obaniyi, Adejoke Ogunlewe and Ronke Bamisedun to discuss how New Media is changing the Conversation. Bukky November will moderate this session. To attend register at www.newmediaconference.ng/register


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