20 Business Ideas Nigerian Youths Can Start With N100,000 or Less

9. Cleaning Services: Some workers are so busy throughout the day that they find cleaning their apartment burdensome, and even their weekends are all engaged. You can simply engage in this service and make your money from it. The more apartments you clean during the weekend, the more money you make.

10. Home Cooking and Delivery: Most especially for our ladies or house wives or guys who love to cook. You can cook a variety of meals well, and apply customer services. People will pay good money for your services. You don’t even need a store to start. You can run it from your home.

20 business ideas
Afang soup

Marketing your services on twitter, facebook and instagram will get you your first 100 clients. Remember that first impression count.

11. Digital Marketing: the success of any business is in the ability to effectively reach its teeming customers… and this can be achieve via effective marketing. Get a used laptop and smartphone; temporarily your smartphone can act as your hotspot. Passion and persistent is the key.

12. Internet Services: Forget the extensive coverage of internet and the fact that people can assess it on their phones; do you know how much applicants pay just to have jamb applications filled online? You need a good system, printer and ISP. People as much as 1k per application.