The facts about Aishah Ahmad’s appointment as CBN Deputy Governor

    All these information circulating on social media that the CBN and Diamond Bank PLC may have hastened the appointment of Mrs. Aishah Ahmad to the position of Executive Director  to make her qualified for the position of Deputy Governor of the Bank smacks of ignorance and outright mischief.
    As a key industry player i know for a fact that  Section 8 (1) of the CBN Act 2007 clearly states the qualifications expected of the Governor and Deputies. The key phrase is “…persons of recognized financial experience”. And Mrs. Aishah Ahmad clearly meets that criteria, having worked for over 20 years some of which were in quite Senior positions including possessing a robust educational and professional grounding in finance. The Act does not say anything about ranks in the Banking Industry. That is why we have had persons appointed to the Management of the CBN without significant Banking Sector experience. Indeed, the CBN has had Deputy Governors who did not get to the ED position before being appointed to the CBN.
    With respect to her age, there is no minimum age required to be a Deputy Governor at the CBN; moreover i would have expected those making such spurious allegations to have commended the president for this generational shift; this choice of a burgeoning youth, a woman whose competence based on her qualifications and achievements should be seen as a welcome breathe of fresh air.
    As has been confirmed by Diamond bank, Mrs. Ahmad was indeed independently appointed Executive Director by Diamond Bank following due approval by the Board and the CBN.
    Surely these facts are a pointer that this whole furore is needless. Discerning patriots should  concentrate their energies on helping build a better financial system anchored on competence.


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