5 Importance of using Twitter for your business

Twitter is one of the biggest marketing applications of the online business world. In fact, it has been growing faster than any other social network and is expected to grow at a faster rate. As a marketing platform, Twitter offers many benefits to businesses, be it on small scale or large scale. In this article, you will find some potential benefits of using Twitter to achieve your business goals.

1. Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Better Customer Service:

Your existing or potential customers can follow your business updates from your Twitter account in real time. This gives you a unique opportunity to adjust or tweak all your business activities instantly according to your customers’ reactions. This ability alone can give you an enormous advantage over your competitors who are not aware of the power of Twitter. Also, you can search Twitter for any conversations that are related to your business and respond to feedback. This ability gives you an opportunity to control and manage customer service for better customer satisfaction.