10 Social Media Terms of Service (TOS) you’ll be shocked you “unknowingly” agreed to


8. You can’t add anyone you don’t actually know.
You have to specify how you know someone before you invite him/her to connect on LinkedIn. If you can’t offer a mutual school or workplace, or don’t have an email address linked to his/her account, LinkedIn won’t let you connect.

But proving your acquaintance with a potential connection isn’t just a spam roadblock; it’s written into LinkedIn’s terms, too. That said, plenty of people violate it without caring.

9. Your profile can’t promote escort or prostitution services — even if they’re legal where you live.
Let’s say you’re the proprietor of a lawful business that pairs clients with escorts for, uh, intimate companionship. Don’t bother networking on LinkedIn, because that’s against the rules.

10. You’re not allowed to lie.
It’s said that honesty is the best policy. For LinkedIn, honesty is policy. The network’s user agreement bans users from adding inaccurate information to their profiles. It’s also usually easy for prospective employers to catch, so it’s not worth it in the first place.

Now be the judge! Aren’t you guilty?

Source: Bhadmus Habdulakeem (Bhadoosky) – An experienced Social Media Expert, well vast in managing large scale social media channels and creating new engagement campaigns to raise awareness of products and services, as well as improving SEO and customer experience for website visitors, making it easier for them to find the information they need.