OPINION: Can We Filter Content From Noise?

    Nigerian music industry is the craziest place in the world to be, and I’m even sure I don’t need to argue much before I drive that point home. Crazy however can be good and can be bad, depending on how the one on the receiving end can make an awesome vodka mix out of the lime life throws at him. I mean, look at Olamide’s crazy.

    As much as we want to believe that music and all the entertainment is fun for us, our demands has made it full business for the artistes, demanding that they evolve or go home. Music now demands an understanding of how the music business works. Evolve or stagnate and die out. Simple as ABC.

    In all of this, it is saddening how the good content in our music industry dies by the day. How some sense making lyricists turn to ‘make we rough ham’ rappers. How some of the best voices lose that touch just to catch up and give their target audience the content they want. Content has suffered in our time. Content isn’t king here anymore, content counts nothing more than shit.

    I was listening to 9ice’s Gongo Aso album yesterday and I miss the Alapomeji I knew. The Alapomeji that had Asa on a track to sing about how the electorate shouldn’t sell their right and I miss how the lyrics of that song makes me think and reflect. The same 9ice now sings ‘won sha shey, won sha shey lo ru moju.’ Do I blame him? NO. He needs to stay on top of his game or Small Doctor and his Penalty that makes people like me forget I can’t dance to save my life pull crazy moves would sweep him into oblivion.

    Like Jesse Jags, one of the best or the best around here in my opinion hasn’t released a hit track for years or I haven’t heard it. Like how I tune the TV away when Timi Dakolo or Cobhams’ video comes on the station I’m watching because the trash fed to us by these stations has reset us into seeing the good stuffs as boring. We love noise and call it music.

    I just want to plead to all music lovers to start asking and demanding for the good stuffs and stop taking these mediocre shit they keep feeding us. For what shall we tell the generation coming after us when asked what music we listened to in our times. My parents are always proud of their Sunny Ade, Saka Layigbade, Olisa Osadebe and all but I’m sure I won’t be proud of the songs I listen to now in forty years from now.

    Remember, this is my opinion and I’m just asking you to see things my way. I’m a fan of good music, but that won’t stop me from dancing when I hear ‘Won ti Gba penalty lo throwing.’

    Peace out yo.

    Source: Sheriph Oshin (sheriph.oshin@gmail.com)