How Ibadan/Oyo people are disposing their waste and refuse via OYOWMA

The process is still in progress, as we have to get creative in dealing with certain lingering problems showing up in the process of implementation. Between July and August, we have moved over 13,000MT of waste from the nooks and crannies of Oyo state, and, with the support of more partners, you inclusive, we are poised to do even more in the coming months. This also shows an enhanced capacity of the contractors, and a better understanding of the strategies required to efficiently monitor and administer their operations.

We have engaged contractors covering all the areas of Oyo state and removing domestic waste from homes, offices, medians, markets, etc. We can be reached on 09099581501 and 09032136608, or via email – , on Facebook ( ) and @WestAfricaENRG across all the other social media channels.

We are currently engaging Landlords’ and Residents’ Associations in all the various estates and streets across all the local governments in Oyo state; we are hoping that this enables us create partnerships that make it easier to carry out the process of waste and revenue collections on a holistic, more widespread and effective basis.

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