7 latest tech gadgets for entrepreneurs managing businesses


7. Mr Coffee Smart Wi-Fi Enabled WeMo

Finally, it might seem a bit of a novelty but do you really want to take 15-minutes just to make coffee? You want to drink coffee but it can be quite a time-waster having to get up and make it – time you can spend building up your business. The smart Wi-Fi coffee maker is the solution. It allows you to control the brewing process with your smartphone. The system can even detect you entering the office and send you a note asking if you’d like a cup – sounds amazing!

Now, such tech gadgets won’t also cost you a fortune and they can help you save money. If you are worried about the cost of buying things – especially as a new entrepreneur – you can find technology retailers offering voucher codes at VoucherBin and thus you can save lots more for your other business expenses.

If you want to succeed with your new business venture, then use technology to your advantage. The above seven tech gadgets are perfect companions for new entrepreneurs.

Source: Bhadmus Habdulakeem – An experienced Social Media Expert, well vast in managing large scale social media channels and creating new engagement campaigns to raise awareness of products and services, as well as improving SEO and customer experience for website visitors, making it easier for them to find the information they need.