10 Tips to get large social media followers to patronize your business


3. Connect to the Right Audience Across Social Media Platforms

Some people in desperation to increase the number of following on social media go ahead adding every tom dick and harry to their friends list. It certainly does not pay off on the long run as you end up having a long list of dissimilar interest friends. The essence of increasing your social media following lies in attracting people, who share similar interest with you and one another. You can achieve this through the following strategies:

a.       Create an online personality that suits your interests and that of your audience.

b.      Post contents that are relevant to your audience and you will attract targeted performance to your posts.

c.       Try to figure out the background of your audience, their location and what make them tick, and then create your posts to suit those parameters.

By so doing your posts will be directed at the right target audience in the news feed and will not be lost in the noise that characterizes the social media space.