15 Things you need to know before the premiere of Game Of Thrones season 7



In “The Wars to Come” (written by Benioff and Weiss), the first episode of season five, we saw Cercei visit a witch in the woods (known in the books as the Essosi witch, Maggy the Frog) and pay in blood for a prophecy. Cercei asked three questions: When she’d marry the prince, if she’d be queen and if she and the king would have children. Maggy predicted that she’d marry the king (Robert Baratheon), that she would be queen until a younger, more beautiful queen takes it all away from her, and finally, that she’d have three children, all of whom would die.

Almost everything Maggy predicted has come to pass. Cercei married Robert, became queen and lost all three of her children. All that’s left is for someone younger and more beautiful to take her down from her throne. Cercei knows her fate and it’ll be interesting to see how she fights it, or if she does.


Daenerys Targaryen has amassed a formidable force against the houses of Westeros. With help from Tyrion, Varys, Daario, Missandei and of course, her three gargantuan dragons, she has admirably been able to ensure freedom throughout Slaver’s Bay (now known as the Bay of Dragons). Her determination, compassion and conviction has drawn others to her cause. So who will we see fighting alongside her in season seven?

While the Second Sons and Daario Naharis are staying behind in Meereen, we know she has the Dothraki horde of tens of thousands, several thousand Unsullied soldiers, the Iron Fleet and Dorne, as well as the Reach as allies. That’s quite a large force, and if she’s able to maintain them, taking Westeros should be no trouble at all. From the various images around the web, it looks like she’ll soon have the aid of the North as well, but we’ll have to wait and see.