Nominating Tekno for Next Rated Award Makes No Sense – Yung L

Christopher Omenye, aka Yung L, may not be a household name, but he sure knows his craft as an entertainer who has been in the industry for some years
Yung L who recently returned to the music scene after a brief hiatus from the industry as a result of an unfortunate accident which almost left him paralysed has expressed disgust for the organizers of the prestigious Headies awards for nominating his industry colleague, Tekno, for the Next Rated Category at the last edition of the Headies awards.
According to him, for them to have nominated Tekno in the Next Rated Category means they have no idea of what next rated means. He emphatically stressed that Tekno is far bigger than being tagged as next rated.
“I don’t like talking about Nigerian awards because I just think if you are using that as a yardstick for your career you’re just going to be sad. It doesn’t make sense, first of all, you nominated Tekno for Next Rated category, Tekno is definitely not next rated, the boy is overrated already, like he has passed that, so that didn’t make sense. I think he saw that for himself, he didn’t want to fight with anybody so he just gradually walked out, and I respect that, It’s what he wanted.
“I think he felt that he was bigger than the award, if they nominated him for other bigger categories, it would have made sense, but next rated, no, it didn’t make any sense at all. I think they need to understand what next rated is, maybe they think because of the prize that comes with it is supposed to be for certain big artistes, but next rated is supposed to be the person that is next rated basically, not somebody that is already gone past that level”


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