Why Apple Laptops Are The Best? (Find Out)


Apple company produces laptops/desktops like MacBooks, as well as Mac software OS X. This is quite exclusive and other manufacturers like Huawei, Lenovo, Dell only produce hardware/laptops and their computers run Windows software, which is developed by Microsoft .

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All devices designed by Apple use an exclusive operating system. Each hardware is paired with appropriate software. Compared to Windows system, Mac OS X is quite complex for a new user. However, this disadvantage is compensated by high reliability and yields great results when used correctly.


Typically, Apple adheres to simplicity and minimalism of their products. There are only two options of MacBook: MacBook air (11 and 13 inches) and MacBook Pro (13 and 15 inches). All these laptops are made from a single piece of aluminum. The aluminum provides lightness as well as strength to the laptop making for the perfect look of a beautiful, stylish first-class laptop.


In addition, the company uses very expensive materials and ultra-modern technology to manufacture their incredible MacBook displays. As an example the MacBook Pro13” with its 2560 x 1600 resolution and the MacBook Pro15” with its 2880 x 1800 resolution has two million more pixels than a standard Full HD television display. According to the sRGB gamut standard, the Retina displays have the lowest color deviation values. And you see colors on display as they are.


The Macbook keyboard is also worth mentioning. It just has perfect dimensions, and its reachable with fingers of both hands. Each key has a perfect size. Typing on this keyboard doesn’t feel like hitting the keys but more like pressing. Your fingers don’t do any heavy work while typing, they move less and rest on the keys more. A big plus is a minimal clattering noise while typing. The black keyboard with white backlit illumination is just simply gorgeous.

Battery life:

Battery of MacBook air can last up to 12 hours of heavy browsing, whereas MacBook Pro can do a 9 hours work.


The above-mentioned differences between the MacBook and other laptops are the most significant.  Of course, it is up to you to decide which gadget is best for your needs. If you are a gamer, then MacBook is not an option for you. If you plan to use it for graphic design or business, we’d say this is the best option on the market. Check http://www.jiji.ng for best online shopping experience, where you can always find a perfect fit for your need.