SUBLIME LOUNGE – Quality, Class and Fresh Breath…in Ibadan

Sublime Lounge is about to open in a matter of weeks in Ibadan. The first question I get asked anytime I speak to people about opening up such an edifice in Ibadan is ‘Why Ibadan?” This is quite shocking to me and after a lot of times being asked this question, I already have a ready made answer. ‘Why not Ibadan?’
But then I see where these questions are coming from. People sees the kind of quality, class and International Standard we are bringing in and somehow they think or assume it is too much for Ibadan but that is where they got it all wrong. I believe if there is anywhere in Nigeria that needs this kind of world-class entertainment and relaxing concept, it has to be Ibadan and that is the strategy behind starting up Sublime Lounge in Ibadan just in the middle of Ring Road. Ibadan is the first city in Nigeria to be civilised. The first University, the first most populated city and is now one of the fastest growing & urbanised cities in Nigeria. So again, ‘Why not Ibadan?’ The people of Ibadan has got great taste for quality and also deserves the very best.
So what makes Sublime different from the rest? This is simple. At Sublime, everyone belongs there. When you walk inside the premises the atmostphere is welcoming and you can immediately identify with the vision. Last week, a young beautiful and pregnant lady walked in to say hello to us. That was the first time we were seeing her. She come in to just see for herself what we are doing and after we showed her round, she sat down and we could see excitement and restlessness on her face. She said, ‘I don’t know what you guys are offering but whatever it is, I want to be part of it, in fact, I am already part of it.’  And guess what, that is what anyone who has ever walked in had said in one way or the other. Everyone identifies with Sublime and it would be really difficult to point out the owners. It belongs to everyone. It is where you belong.
Another factor that separates us from the rest is that at Sublime, you find every service you require. You don’t have to jump lounges for different services. Sublime has the following:
A big lounge (outdoor relaxation)
A modern Club (indoor night activities)
A restaurant (light and continental menu)
Executive Guest Rooms (planned)
We say we are an all-in-one venue providing you the best of everything offering quality and class and we open everyday.
Our Products. Yes that is our uniqueness. We have products that cuts across all cadre of society. Whatever is your thing you will find it at Sublime. We have the best products to offer – from Live Band to Ladies night to Karaoke specials, etc. You will always have something to look forward to. Let me walk you through our products.
We have segmented each day and we also have daily themes. They are as seen below:
Daily Segments
Lounge Opens 10am
Lunch Hour – 10am – 4pm
Happy Hour – 4pm – 11pm
After Dark – 11pm – 2am (extends to 5am Thursdays to Saturdays)
Daily Themes
Mondays – Executive Nights

We are dedicating Mondays to the working class execs. After the hard day at work, you now have Mondays to look forward to. You will now be able to continue your chit-chats in a more relaxed enviromment, having cocktails, mocktails, beer, light or finger foods, etc. You can even hold your team building exercise at the lounge. We got you covered. Like we say, You also deserve to play hard)
Tuesdays   – TurnUp Tuesdays (Students Special)

Another uniqueness Ibadan has got is that it is surrounded by higher institutions. We have beautiful schools around and we want to make sure there is a day dedicated to Students. Students & Corp menbers will be able to party at Sublime and enjoy special discounts with their ID cards. Not just party, they will also be able to book their Departmental Award ceremonies, afer parties, or even organize their own unique TurnUps, etc at the Lounge.
Wednesdays – Live Band Specials & Old School Night


Enjoy the best of Live Jazz, R & B, Raggae and Highlife every Wednesday from 8pm. At Sublime we know what live music is all about and we want to give Ibadan the taste of beautiful music. As a matter of fact, this is one of our prime products. We put a lot of resources into this. Once you experience Live Band at Sublime, then you are hooked. This is a promise. Immediately after live band we end the evening with a cool selection of old school tunes that will take us into After Dark. We got you fully covered
Thursdays – Karaoke & Ladies Night

Double scoop! What more can we say about Thursdays? Have you gone round and experiece Karaoke and you aren’t satisfied? I know your frustrations. At Sublime, we provide the best of Karaoke shows. Special gifts up for grab for the best (& worst) singers every Thursday. If you really think you can sing, then what are you waiting for? Grab the mic!
And just after Karaoke shows, the Ladies Night starts. The momentum won’t stop. So ladies, get ready for a long night of fun and party. We will give free drink to all ladies at the lounge and you are guaranteed the best choice of music. Don’t dull!
Fridays – Extravagance as its Peak

Friday nights at Sublime will offer the best party nights ever. You love to club on Fridays? Get your groove on and make it a date every Friday. Best DJ in town, quality atmostphere, class crowd and secure environment. Don’t be told about it!

Saturdays – Sublime Saturdays

We open up on Saturdays from 10am as usual. However, we recognise the uniqueness of Saturdays and we will dedicate the entire afternoon to football lovers at the lounge. With loads of TVs to choose from and a big projector, you can be certain of seeing your favourite football team play.
And much later in the evening, Sublime Saturday Night kicks off. Like we say, Set Yoursef Free! Clubbing on Saturdays is about to get a new definition. Every club night on Saturdays will have its own theme from costume party to demographic party, etc. We have so much in store for you. You are welcome.
Sundays – Family Brunch

Every Sunday is family day at Sublime. We want you to come over after your church outing. We want you to bring your family from 12noon and come enjoy a special time with them. There will be special buffet service for all. Enjoy cool music and watch your kids play and enjoy a nice atmostphere before heading back home. You also have the chance to see Sunday football games with your family and other loved ones.
From time to time, we will organise destination parties and other great programs just to light up the mood. And we have a great kitchen professionally ran. We have a restaurant which opens almost 24hours. Everytime you come in, there will be food for your to eat. We guarantee that.
Are you worried about securirty? Don’t say much. We have 24hours police presence. We know safety means a lot to you and we arent taking this for granted.
Special Offers
VIP Parking & Entrance
Security Guaranteed
Our Core Values
Respect for everyone
We are set to take Ibadan on a storm. Finally Ibadan people have something to be proud of. So again I ask, ‘WHY NOT IBADAN?’


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