Zimbabwean Woman Pledges Daughter As Tithe

This Zimbabwean Woman Pledges Daughter As Tithe to her church and has got everybody talking. She suffered a number of miscarriages early in her marriage and has offered her daughter as tithe to her church leader.
The woman identified as Convictions Mapfumo from Sally Mugabe Height gave her child, a grade three student to Bishop Susan Zika Dube, the founder of  Holy Baptist Apostolic Church.
Mapfumo is said to have experience painful miscarriages four times  but after the Bishop prayed for her, she gave birth to three girls born in 2005, 2009 and 2001.
Speaking to Zim News, she said: After my struggle to conceive, I decided to give this child to God as a tithe to thank him for answering my prayers. I was prayed for by the leader of the church. I have also given myself to working in this church because there is nothing more I can give to God for what he has done for me,’ she said.
Mapfumo also said she has registered her church leader as the mother of the child on her birth certificate.
Would you gladly do this too, if you were in her shoes?


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