Videos: Rukky Sanda Plays with Snakes, Lions and Crocodiles In SA

Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda is not afraid of big snakes, lions and crocodiles. She went on a tour in South Africa on Friday and took to social media minutes ago to share a video of how she boldly let a python move around her body.

Watch her videos with her captions:

When you have an Enchanting Smile & U come in Peace…xx? Lol! The tour guide guy was like Zayummmm!!! The Snakeyz Lurr you…??? They are so at ease with you…xoxo??? ?

Cuties… ? #happyMe#touristLife #touristMode ok, I think av shared enuf cray cray for just one day…xoxo ❤



And then I flew over d damn Crocodiles…???? Yassss hunnie*** rotfl** Took me about a minute before I took dat leap doe*** ok*** last vid*** bye***???



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