Videos + Photos: Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 11 #BBNaija

Getting shirty with it

The previous evening’s Diary Sessions were fascinating as Biggie requested that the Housemates uncover something about their kindred Housemates and they needed to record everything on a bit of paper.

At the beginning of today, Biggie snuck in shirts with the Housemates confronts on and cites from their kindred Housemates.

These were:

CoCoIce – Uptight, passionate, tricky, inconsiderate.

ThinTallTony – Desperate, key, unusual.

Efe – Power eager, suspicious.

Uriel – Slick, deceiver

Gifty – Soft, miserable, crafty

Marvis – Calm, unique yes/no

Bisola – Aggressive, Loud, astonishing.

Soma – Naive, putting stock in, sweet.

Miyonse – Selfish, not faithful, desolate.

Bassey – Fun.

Kemen – Actor, consideration searcher.

TBoss – Attractive, self-important, pleased.

Debie-Rise – Diva, brutal Joker.

With some negative things said in regards to a portion of the Housemates, some weren’t glad about what had been composed about them. TBoss and ThinTallTony didn’t concur with information exchanged about them yet Bisola concurred with what was composed on the grounds that she said that she had manipulated CoCoIce.

Parliamentary principles

Igwe was called into the Diary Room to get two directions from Biggie. The first was for Efe to demonstrate the Housemates pieces of information to help them in their scan for the Green Advantage card which Biggie’s Ninja concealed yesterday in the Conspiracy Room. The primary piece of information was a photo of the Big Brother logo and the second intimation was “Do you realize that shading printing really began as far back as the thirteenth century?” which left everybody unaware, including a befuddled Igwe.

At that point the time had come to report the most recent Task, a parliamentary session tonight between the Haves and the Have Nots. Every group would need to set up a short explanation on why the Supreme Leader, Igwe ought to or ought not stay in power. Biggie cautioned Efe that he trusted that he had not by any means mishandled his energy and revealed to him that he was additionally to set up a contention on why he had been a decent ruler.

Debie-Rise was not forgotten as she was told to lead the Have Nots and Biggie advised her that her Task was to arrange an overthrow détat against the govern of the Igwe.

More Clues, More Confusion

Mayhem softened out up the House as Efe blamed CoCoIce for undermining his power when she recovered the card from the case that was the principal intimation that the Igwe read out toward the beginning of today. Uriel had been given the card by CoCoIce and had strolled around the House saying that she believed that it was the Green Advantage card. Things got warmed as CoCoIce safeguarded her activities while Igwe was telling anyone who might listen that he was not content with her and that she was “undermining” his power.

Biggie cooled the waters by calling the Igwe into the Diary room where he was given further pieces of information on the whereabouts of the card. Igwe gave three new intimations which Efe read out:

Piece of information 2: What is lost stays lost, what should be observed stays to be found.

Hint 3: In any work out, results come when you rest.

Intimation 3: Today is a cold day, remain warm.

This got the Housemates hunting again down the ever slippery Green Advantage card.

Housemates Freeze

Biggie chose to get the Housemates working today by inspiring them to wash the windows in the House. It was a decent approach to help the strain that had been working in the House which debilitated to overflow when Efe blamed CoCoIce for undermining his power. A portion of the Housemates brought to this undertaking with extraordinary relish as they could look affectionately into their own particular reflection.

While the Housemates were occupied, Biggie’s voice taken off “Housemates, solidify” which the greater part of them appropriately did, with a couple of special cases. Biggie kept them in their stop postures for quite a while however one mineral two individuals snickered and moved, which was not lost on Biggie. After what appeared like hours he disclosed to them that they could unfreeze yet that CoCoIce,

While the Housemates were occupied, Biggie’s voice taken off “Housemates, solidify” which a large portion of them properly did, with a couple of exemptions. Biggie kept them in their stop postures for quite a while however one mineral two individuals laughed and moved, which was not lost on Biggie. After what appeared like hours he revealed to them that they could unfreeze however that CoCoIce, Miyonse, TBoss, Debie-Rise and Bisola had ignored him and they were to solidify again while Biggie educated the others that they had finished their undertaking of washing the windows.

To educate the insidious Housemates a lesson he made them solidify again for much longer than the first run through. In the long run Biggie told every Housemate, each one in turn to unfreeze. With the parliamentary session coming up, the housemates combined off in their gatherings of the Haves and the Have Nots to examine the forthcoming level headed discussion session about regardless of whether Igwe ought to keep or lose his Supreme Leader status.

Efe had been annoying a few people up with CoCoIce particularly bothered after their before spat where he had blamed her for undermining his power. TBoss and Miyonse had invested some energy before alone examining methodologies on the best way to usurp the crown from the Igwe.

Mounting Tension and Backstabbing


Uriel was enraged with Cocoice after this current morning’s occurrence where she attempted to casing her for something that she didn’t do, specifically, taking a card out of Efe’s case. What aggravated matters was somebody utilized the “Grimy Laundry” undertaking as a chance to compose double-crosser on her T-shirt and she supposes it was Cocoice or Tboss. She shared that she’s not attached to Gifty either. Uriel additionally communicated awesome disappointment with the way that Kemen is seeking after her. “Why is it just me that you need to come and comprehend!” she shouted after Biggie asked. She finished up by saying she trusts he’s simply “burrowing for data.”


Bisola said everybody was a bit tense after this present morning’s grimy clothing challenge however says the main thing that disturbed her was being depicted as forceful. She later recognized that she was recently noisy and unafraid of communicating. Like a ton of alternate Housemates, Bisola attempted to discover the preferred standpoint card and said she was feeling exhausted. Biggie needed to contribute and advise her that “no good thing comes simple!”. As to the previous evening’s test, Bisola felt that TTT was the special case who had made her vibe unique and alternate folks didn’t generally get the importance of’ “charm”.


Soma felt the vitality in the House was tense after Cocoice and Efe’s battle. Like every other person, he wasn’t ready to discover the card or make sense of the pieces of information Biggie advertised. He was by all accounts more enamored with Efe as an Igwe and appreciated that he’d stay reasonable, excusing and permissive even after Cocoice undermined his future in the House. “He hasn’t demanded exact retribution” Soma shouted. At the point when tested about Gifty he admitted that things had become more serious between them. He then endeavored to depicted their kiss as a “peck on the lip” yet Big Brother checked him saying he saw everything and it was “much too long” to be a “peck”! Soma become flushed and snickered before including, “That is the means by which we peck in my town o!” and closure off his session.


Efe admitted that he was being watchful and suspicious of everybody since, similar to a military pioneer, his subjects were attempting to topple him. He did, in any case, feel that everything had been fine until Cocoice and Uriel began plotting and controlling individuals to attempt and stage an upset! Actually, Biggie needed to know how he felt about the approaching ousting and why he ought to stay and Efe rushed to console everybody watching that he was a decent player who demand to remain longer. He finished up by touting his an incredible identity and knowledge.


Miyonse thought the vitality in the House was high as all “The less wealthy” were raring to go and prepared to go up against the Igwe! He additionally believed that Efe was extremely occupied in light of the fact that he’s up for assignment and subsequently, helpless. At the point when tested about the previous evening’s undertaking he thought he got great reactions from every one of the women. “Are you a women man?” Biggie countered, to which he shockingly replied “No”. Dissimilar to Efe and Soma, Miyonse was to a great degree certain about his odds and said he was “unquestionably not going home this Sunday!” He then included that he and TBoss were the most fascinating pair in the House and the watchers needed to perceive how the story closes.

A merciless open deliberation

The Haves and the Have Nots took each other on in a warmed verbal confrontation keeping in mind the end goal to figure out if Igwe Efe had made a sufficient showing with regards to as pioneer, to remain in power.

Efe himself opened the occassion reminding the Housemates that despite the fact that his rule came around therefore of self-centeredness and franticness every one of the Housemates would have done likewise! He additionally reminded them how liberal and reasonable he’d been.

The body of evidence against Efe

The Housemates really acknowledged Efe’s contention that he was urgent yet rushed to bring up that these failings as a pioneer were the genuine issue, not how he came to rule. A considerable lot of the Have Nots felt that he simply didn’t do what’s needed to enhance their conditions. Debie Rise said point clear that he had the ability to lead yet took after “moronically’!

Miyonse then kicked things up another score calling Efe “a great man” just “not a decent pioneer”. He additionally rubbished the greater part of the gestures of recognition Efe had gotten calling them “stories of specific thoughtfulness”. The Have Nots gived a shout out to him as he wrapped his contention by expressing that the Igwe was a pioneer who “gives a goat and takes a dairy animals!’

The previous Igwe Cocoice conveyed the last blow telling Efe that he needed to have his very own brain. “You don’t come to power and afterward take after my standards!” she jested as individuals shouted “Heh, detestation!”. Be that as it may, she wasn’t in favor of the Have No

Gifty took everyone by surprise when she got up and started campaigning for herself. She admonished Efe for not “listening to the cries of the people”, for keeping his bed mate TTT a Have Not and denying Miyonse the privilege of being with his “lover”! She then assured her fellow Housemates she’d listen and not let the “pride of the crown” corrupt her to raucous applause!


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