Videos + Photos: Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 10 #BBNaija

So you missed the Big Brother Naija Day 10? If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights (Videos + Photos) for you!

Solid Competition?

With Bassey’s presentation into the House, Kemen now has an opponent for being the inhabitant muscle man in the house. Kemen has so far been flexing and practicing his way as the days progressed, helping the same number of his kindred housemates with their practice administrations. Sunday’s presentation of Debie-Rise and Bassey brought a radical new measurement into the house’s progression and in this manner, presented to Kemen his primary adversary.

The two had been great naturedly duking it out to demonstrate their associates and Nigeria who was the most grounded among them. Toward the beginning of today being the most clear as the two musclemen chose to power lift their kindred housemates before the mirror and their new companions in the upstairs room. Kemen and Bassey alternated in lifting Soma, ThinTallTony, and Bally.

Efe chose to participate too by powerlifting one of the women, he picked the lively Marvis to lift. Before long everybody was viewing, with Bassey and Kemen alternating to do squats with their housemates on their shoulders. Bassey and Kemen then lifted ThinTallTony onto their shoulders and both did their squats and afterward they finished off their regional show by both doing pull-ups.

Shopping Time

The Housemates were called into the parlor where they were permitted to shop, by means of the touch screen TV on PayPorte for outfits for this Saturday night’s Party. Every Housemate was permitted to pick one outfit each, Biggie uncovered that the current week’s gathering subject was “Glitz” so the housemates squandered no time in each experiencing the colossal choice accessible on the PayPorte site. The Nominated three of Efe, Miyonse, and Soma were likewise educated that they were permitted to pick an additional outfit each for the Live Eviction demonstrate this Sunday.

The Housemates were to a great degree awed with the decision that they had on the site and this made them anticipate Saturday night’s Party significantly more.

All hail Igwe/Hide and look for

In a move ensured to go to the Igwe’s head, Biggie called Efe into the Diary room and gave him two Tasks to peruse out. Biggie needed Igwe to illuminate his unwavering subjects that they needed to bow to the Supreme Leader, Igwe at all circumstances. They were just permitted to quit bowing to him once he touched them on their shoulder with the staff. The Igwe had additionally been given authorization by Biggie to pick two housemates that didn’t need to bow to him.

Prior, while the housemates were doing their Sacred Dances in the Arena, biggie’s Ninja snuck into the House and concealed something in the Conspiracy Room underneath the seat. Igwe read out the second card of the Task educating them that Biggie had arranged an extraordinary reward for one of the housemates to be uncovered to them at the Live Eviction appear on Sunday. He educated the Housemates that there was an uncommon Green Advantage card shrouded some place in the House.

Ought to a named housemate discover the card, they could pass it on to a kindred housemate should they get removed on Sunday. The Advantage card couldn’t be stolen and could just change possession if the housemate did as such intentionally. The housemates squandered no time in flipping around the house to attempt and discover Biggie’s amazement. TBoss was close however didn’t as she left the Conspiracy Room without checking under the seat.

Diary Sessions and Secret errand

Cocoice was the principal Housemate called to the Diary room today? She got a notice from Biggie for walking comfortable to the Diary room and the awful news wasn’t over yet. Biggie revealed to her that for disregarding Igwe Efe’s guidelines to hand over the mystery book of directions she was to be rebuffed. Efe chose to make her do the dishes for whatever is left of the night.

Next was Igwe Efe himself who got a strike for taking as much time as is needed getting to the Diary Room. Efe appeared to be shocked he was dozing at the time yet Biggie was not keen on hearing any reasons today! Efe shared that he’d experienced difficulty scanning for the green preferred standpoint card due to his Igwe formal attire and couldn’t discover it anyplace. Biggie then cautioned Efe to conceal the mystery book of guidelines or hazard losing his title as Igwe.

Tboss opened up about her disturbance with Miyonse. He was disturbed throughout the day due to the pending Eviction and she attempted to perk him up my acting like a monkey however he was cool and unwelcoming. What irritated her was minutes after the fact he was chuckling insanely with Gifty. Tboss thought Gifty was attempting to get under her skin and tossed shade at her by calling her Miyonse’s “side chick” who’s recently frantic to be the primary “angel”! At that point came the contort. Tboss said she lamented choosing Miyonse and trusted he wouldn’t be expelled this Sunday since she’d miss. She likewise at long last confessed to loving him yet believes he’s bothering. Now Biggie gave her a mystery errand to take Igwe Efe’s book keeping in mind the end goal to wind up distinctly the new preeminent ruler.

The government wasn’t playing today evening time and Soma turned into the second Housemate to get a strike! He took a stab at dissenting and utilizing the same “I was resting pardon” Igwe Efe has attempted yet was promptly advised to “never contend with Big Brother!” Ouch! Once that was off the beaten path the mind-set helped and a grim searching Soma conceded surprisingly that he had affections for Gifty however he’s not in adoration. He likewise said he detested the way TTT and Kemen singled out her since she was so sweet and excusing. So does Gifty feel a similar way? All things considered, they’ve been being a tease since the very beginning.

Kemen at the end of the day declared his affection for Tboss and even said he’d hit on her whether Miyonse stays or not! That ought to absolutely make things intriguing. To toss a spanner in progress Biggie gave him a mystery errand to persuade the women to lead each morning workout session for whatever is left of the week and at the same time demoralize every one of the men from doing likewise.

Speed Dating errand

It would appear that Big Brother needs to discover for the last time who the sweetest talkers in the House are so it’s the ideal opportunity for a little speed dating! For this undertaking, the Housemates were solicited to part into sets comprising from one male and one female. The women were to organize themselves into a solitary record and the men would then alternate picking a woman to charm and breadth of her feet!

Biggie asked the men of honor to truly take as much time as is needed attempting to awe the women and afterward pick another accomplice once the signal sounded a moment time. The government gave the courteous fellows until sleep time to talk a decent diversion and make their check. Tomorrow they’ll vote to choose who merits the title of the greatest player in the Big Brother House!

Debie-rise and Kemen

Maybe she was all the while reeling from her battle with Bisola however Debie was completely heartless with the gentlemen. Bally got told he was just a 7 out of 10. “I require you to realize that my gauges are high! So you ought to be cheerful” she included. Bally was astounded. After Bassey said “I believe you’re so delightful” she answered “You think or you know?”

Obviously, things were looking somber until Kemen tagged along, both of them hit off and she said she cherished his voice as he supported her hands in his. Before the finish of her visit she overwhelmed she disclosed to him she was “Honored to be in his nearness!” Kemen was spouting.

Soma and Gifty

It was a minute that overwhelmed everybody, including Soma and Gifty themselves. While sharing a heart to heart the two kept eyes and kissed carefully all of a sudden. Following a few moments, Soma pulled away and asked “How did that happen?” to a noticeably shaken and wide-peered toward Gifty.

The strain soon liquefied away and they were kissing once more. Gifty pulled away and asked, “So do you have a Girlfriend?” to which a confounded Soma answered “No!”.So it appears Soma’s authoritatively single and he wasn’t done yet. They made out once more and he whispered to her that her lips were delightful and he could kiss her eternity.

Tboss and Miyonse

Getting a handle on left, Miyonse chose to ask Tboss for a kiss. Not at all like Soma, he didn’t have much fortunes in that division and a contention resulted that proceeded with long after the errand was over. They just couldn’t concede to how much activity was a lot for the Big Brother House! Tboss made it clear she wouldn’t act “abnormal” regardless of the amount he asked. Be that as it may, she guaranteed him, “I will show you maybe a couple things when we get out the house.”


Miyonce and TBoss finally got down last night.



Soma and Gifty on a kizzing typa sturvs, Uriels London accent need renewal, it appears her subscription has expired, meanwhile Miyonce still tuning to BBC and VON via nipplettes late in the night but nepa haff off light in Tboz borri for him so he gotta walk the conji off in the morning.


And so it continues.. #Soma and #Marvis making out #undertheblanket



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