Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 12 #BBNaija (Rated 18+)

Dominoes About To Fall

With the diversion now achieving the finish of the second week, the Housemates have begun to unwind before the camera, they are less mindful of the fishbowl and their actual natures are beginning to appear.

Miyonse and TBoss’ relationship has begun to create with her unobtrusively attracting him and making him quit playing with the various young ladies, particularly her principle equal, Gifty. He attempted to be the women’s man yet she saw him and enjoyed what she saw and has gradually and amazingly twisted him into her space and she has him wrapped around his little finger. She has additionally not been loath to playing with different Housemates, for example, ThinTallTony, whom she disclosed to Miyonse the previous evening that he had said she notices pleasant. It would appear that she needs to keep her choices open as Miyonse could be voted out this Sunday.

It is likewise intriguing to see the power battle create between the previous Igwe, CoCoIce and the new Igwe, Efe and how Bisola has been astutely playing them unpretentiously up against each other. Bisola has been discreetly beguiling her way into support among the Housemates as she most likely is aware then that she will be protected from votes and she will have enough votes every week to remain in the amusement and afterward take a shot at her prevalence outside of the House. Her lone genuine risk could originate from a portion of the other ladies, for example, TBoss and Uriel.

Kemen had been the muscleman in the house and had been attempting to make himself fundamental to a portion of the Housemates, with Bisola particularly captivated, not by Kemen but rather by the consideration and the physical workouts. In any case, there’s another man around the local area, the calm new Housemate uncovered at last the previous evening his anecdote about his now late mother, and there was not a dry eye in the House. Marvis has been discreetly watching the recurring patterns in the House. She is yet to genuinely demonstrate her cards, she has kept them hidden from everyone else with her and Debbie-Rise gradually surrounding each other attempting to work each other out.

Uriel has demonstrated her cards, which is that of crude feeling as we can all relate to her battles.

The lows of the Fake Evictions of a week ago and the highs of them understanding that it was fake and that they would get two new Housemates will now be supplanted by the truth of one less individual in the House after this current Sunday’s Live Eviction Show.

Tayo In The House

Biggie had an astonishment for the Housemates at the beginning of today as past Housemate Tayo, now the PayPorte Brand Ambassador visited them convey their looking for Saturday night’s gathering and the Eviction Show. The Housemates couldn’t trust their eyes when he strolled in and there was much fervor as Tayo reacquainted himself with the Biggie’s House.

He postured for photos with the Housemates and afterward he sat down with them in the Lounge and stopped for a moment to talk with them. This is the thing that he stated: “You should begin it now” he said “do what needs to be done for yourself, don’t do it for the watchers, all of you have break even with circumstances” he said. “The House made me what I am, the point at which you go out individuals will shout when they see you. It is difficult to get used to. One slip-up I made I pondered just the amusement in the House. Be that as it may, I didn’t consider outside” he said. “It has required me a long investment to subside into the big name, life is great.”

Things Get Heated

At the beginning of today the housemates were sitting outside examining the mold demonstrate that Debbie-Rise needed to do. Efe chose to ruin the gathering by declining to oblige wearing the lady’s garments and the ladies wearing the men’s dress. He was all the while hurting from all the feedback he had gotten the prior night at the parliamentary open deliberation.

Somebody chose to play a round of set out and before the Housemates knew it, ThinTallTony and Marvis began kissing which prompted to the majority of the housemates getting in on the demonstration. Miyonse was dumbstruck in adoration when he and TBoss bolted lips yet he wasn’t so upbeat when TBoss and ThinTallTony got hot with a long and sexy kiss that made his heart drop. Miyonse recovered his own when he and Gifty were kissing for a long time, with TBoss looking on.

Boys and Girls are not joking anymore here: See Kissing spree

Bally and Bisola Kissed passionately



Miyonse and Gifty Kissing



Marvis kissed Efe like they’ve been dating for ages…..Deep




Gifty Got Fingered by Soma……Yes it happened



And Gifty is a Bad Child……LOL Rubbing Soma Di*k that way……No way….With what happened today, Sex is coming soon, trust me.



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