Aba Prophet Kidnaps Lady, Turns Her Into A Prostitute

Police operatives attached to the Ndiegoro Police Division in Aba , the commercial hub of Abia State , have arrested one Aba Prophet named, Enyeribe Nkwocha for allegedly abducting one Sandra ( not real name) and turning her into a commercial sex worker.

Narrating her ordeal , the victim said , “ He told me that God said he should use me for missionary work and that he will be saving any money I will make from preaching in his friend ’ s account and he will use it to build a church for me because he saw that I have the gift of prophecy.

“ He said God told him I should not marry and have children ; whenever a man wants to marry me , he will ask me to forget about him . He has been taking me from one hotel to the other and using me to make money.

“ He made me to forget about my family since then . I believe he used charm on me because he forced me to swear to an oath with him right inside the taxi when he kidnapped me . So I stopped communicating with my parents. ”

She added , “ But last Christmas , he collected N 20, 000 from me , making it about N 100, 000 I have given him . After some days, I started realising myself and asked him if the money I had been giving him was not enough to build the church he promised to build for me.

“ He then told to go back to my family. But he warned me not to tell them about the gift of prophecy he told me about and that if I did, they would poison me. That was how I started thinking about how my family members would poison me and then I regained my consciousness.

But the suspect denied turning his victim into a prostitute , saying , “ She is my girlfriend that I met in Bayelsa State . At a time, I wanted to get married to her but she refused to marry me. So , I married another woman and I didn ’ t tell her that I got married.

“ When she found out that I was married , she got offended: that was what caused the problem we are having now . ”

The commissioner of Police in the state, Mr . Adeleye Oyebade, confirmed the arrest of the suspect.


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