5 Things Graduates Do That Will Make You Remain Jobless


Time has come for Graduates to stop blaming the government for every disappointment they face in this country. While several youths are complaining about not being unemployed, some lucky ones keep getting placed in different companies.

Most people do not look inward when analysing the things that contribute to the problems they are having in life. It has become the norm for people to point accusing fingers at others without thinking of what they could have done differently to change their situations.

With the way things are in this country, it is possible for you to remain jobless for long if you do not take the necessary steps that will help you secure a job and be at your best. The limited job opportunities are seized by those who are determined to do all it takes to be gainfully employed.

The amount of effort you put into a job search will determine the kind of success you will record at the long run. Check out some of the things you do carelessly that will make you remain unemployed for a long time:

1. Depending On Miracles

Many Nigerians are die-hard believers; they are people who are sentimental about religion. If you keep waiting for a miracle to happen without sending out your CVs, then you are most likely to remain jobless for a long time.

Remember faith without work is useless. You have to be willing to push yourself beyond prayers and be ready to do the little jobs around you.

2. Waiting For The Dream Job

If you are part of the Nigerian youths who keep waiting for some dream job, then you are not ready to work at all. In this part of the world, graduates no longer have the opportunity of getting desired their desired jobs.

The faster you realize that, the better it will be for you. You may have to take other jobs while building your portfolio. This will give you an edge over other people when you finally land the dream job.

3. Not Having A Skill

In this present age and time, having a skill is a prerequisite to getting a job. You cannot afford to remain jobless and not be willing to develop yourself. Most graduates take jobs that are not in any way related to their academic qualifications.

Many of the job applicants who have one or two skills in addition to their professional and academic qualifications stand a good chance of being employed. And when at crossroads, the skill acquired may also be a saving grace in hard times.

4. Submitting One Type Of CV And Cover Letter For Every Application

Every job has its own requirements; it is important for you to construct your CV and the cover letter based on the things looked out for.

Many graduates believe the cover letter s do not matter; HR personnel take the appearance of your cover letter and CV into consideration. Writing your CV in a way that suits the job makes you a better candidate for the job.

5. Total Faith In Connection

There is ever possibility that you will remain jobless for long if you rely on that uncle or aunt that is ‘mouthed’.

The moment you realize you are on your own, the easier it will be for you to intensify the search for a job.

Do not be part of those who always think you will not land a job because ‘they know those they are going to give the job to.’ This mindset will prevent you from trying as you will overtime lose the zeal to apply for jobs in places you do not know anyone.

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