Meet Kenyan Political Aspirant, Haggah Macharia Using Seductive Posters

The fliers and posters of Haggah Macharia campaigning for a political post under Jubilee Party, Kenyan most popular political party, has been causing a lot of noise on social media.

Kenyan politicians are known for their unusual and mostly hilarious campaign posters, but this is being described as the most audacious and raunchiest ever seen in the land.

The pretty young lady is seen wearing hotpants on her poster and many young people are saying that it’s such a compelling and appealing campaign. Many are already saying that they will be voting her into the position of women’s rep which she is aspiring for.

A Kenyan shared his opinion “In truth, perhaps I am swayed by her political disposition.. because I have an inclination towards such politics as opposed to capitalism or communism. I truly feel she has alot to offer our national politics. I would love to see her debate wherever many of these women’s reps debate.”

“Kenyan politicians do nothing anyway, we might aswell vote in one that ATLEAST looks good on camera.”


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