Woman Who Her Husband Accused of Domestic Violence Reacts


Don’t say you aren’t judgmental if you only listen to one side of a story. Mariam, wife to Rosanwo has reacted, saying “there has been systemic emotional, psychological, and physical abuse from him to me”.

Summary of the statement above

She said his marriage to her was possibly for convenience, adding that he might have married her to get ‘Spouse of an EU Citizen Residency Permit’. Mariam is an Irish citizen.

She said that from the things she has been ‘reading online’, there are indications that he may have married her ‘for papers’.

According to her, they met on Twitter and he developed interest in her. She said she got married to him after she became pregnant for him. At the time also, she said he was on a Student’s Visa in Poland and had issues returning to the UK where he once lived.

After the pregnancy, the both got married – a ceremony that was attended by some of his friends, and his aunt and mother (who came from Nigeria).

She said that as soon as he got the Resident’s Permit, problem started. “He kept finding faults at me,” she said.

Mariam said she overheard her husband’s aunt telling him to quickly leave her (Mariam) since he had gotten his papers. She also disclosed that she found out that her husband had a teenager son in Nigeria “who he supports and is considering bringing to the UK”.

She said “there was systemic financial, psychological, emotional, and physical violence on his part to” her, adding that he isolated her from her friends and family because “they didn’t like him”.

“Because I was so emotional, processing all that was happening and acted in ways that were strange, he was able to perpetuate himself as the victim. Claiming and alleging Domestic Violence on himself,” Mariam said.

She added that she believes he claimed his is a victim of Domestic Violence so that he can remain in the UK as the constitution allows that.

She said he left without saying goodbye, and that after she had tried to contact him without response, she left with her son to Ireland to have a fresh start.

She also shared screenshots of their conversations during the time of the crisis and. She titled them “Begging Rosanwo for child care”. The screenshots also show them discussing about the other woman and her son in Nigeria.

In a series of Tweets, she stated she contributes 95% of the cost of raising their son, adding that she left her job in Dublin to move to UK with him so he can get his papers. She said his family called her crazy because she had postnatal depression as a result of the crisis she and her husband were facing.

She said she sold, her car, left her mortgage principal, and lent money to his friends. See below: