Videos + Photos: Highlights From Big Brother Naija Day 9 #BBNaija

Did you watch day 9 of the Big Brother Naija reality show?

On the off chance that you missed it, we have the highlights for you. Trust me, big brother naija day 9 was hilarious from start to finish

A Coup

Debbie-Rise definitely has had one of the busiest presentations into Biggie’s House. Biggie called Debbie-Rise into the Diary room and asked her how she was getting a charge out of the House. She said that she cherished it up until now. Biggie then cut off the casual banter and gave a stunned Joker two possibly dangerous Secret Tasks. Biggie’s first Secret Task for her was for her to discover the Igwe’s mystery dark book which Biggie had given to CoCoIce to make struggle in the House.

Biggie clarified that if she somehow managed to discover it, she would quickly turn into the new Igwe. She was likewise informed that she could enroll the assistance of one other Housemate in this attempt. Biggie cautioned her that she needed to keep it mystery from Igwe or else she would bomb in her main goal. “Only a little dark journal” was Biggie’s reaction when Debbie-Rise asked what the book resembled.

Not completed with the Joker, Biggie uncovered her second Task which was to “urge the Housemates to face the Igwe” amid the following Task introduction, to organize an overthrow. She was just to do this Secret Task on the off chance that she hadn’t found the dark journal when the Task Presentation was being finished.

This noticeably moved Debbie-Rise to diversion and she left the Diary Room worriedly mumbling to herself.

A New HoH

It was inescapable that there would have been some aftermath from everything that has been occurring in the House. Pressures have been working in the House after the Fake Evictions, with the Housemates beginning to understand that they were currently in a diversion and that a lot was on the line. Debbie-Rise had a fascinating prologue to the House when she was picked as the House Joker. Some portion of her capacity was to sow the seeds of discontent with Biggie giving her two Secret Tasks to satisfy.

Miyonse and Soma were up for Eviction alongside Efe, who had been supplanted with Gifty by Igwe. It added to the general tense air in the House. Efe stepped up and alongside his companions, ThinTallTony, Bisola and Debbie-Rise, figured out how to acquire the key and controlled by Section 8 0f Big Brother’s manage book, took the Igwe crown which CoCoIce had left unattended and usurped the Igwe crown to end up distinctly the new Head of House. Disarray and perplexity reigned in the House from subsequently in with spats erupting amongst Bisola and CoCoIce with CoCoIce feeling double-crossed and Bisola clarifying that “I took after the directions of Big Brother!”

Bisola is by all accounts playing a keen amusement, adjusting herself to Efe and ThinTallTony. In the interim, somewhere else in the House, TBoss’ new methodology seemed, by all accounts, to be to strip down before everybody in the evolving room, with ThinTallTony joking that he prefers her body. Miyonse, then again appeared to be cozying up to Gifty, supporting himself in the culinary expressions.


Trustworthiness Time

In this present night’s Diary session, Big Brother gave every one of the Housemates a chance to uncovered their psyches about the current happenings in the House, the way in which Igwe Efe took the crown, and what they thought about their kindred Housemates.

The greater part of the Housemates conceded that they were content with Efe turning into the new Igwe and went the extent that conceding that CocoIce’s residency wasn’t the best. Some even went similarly as conceding that Igwe Efe’s brassy move for the crown as to the House guidelines was a genuine eye opener for them.

A portion of the Housemates additionally included that despite the fact that there were a couple of unions framed previously, a feeling of independence has now unfolded on everybody and the acknowledgment that it is each man for himself.



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Lovely Dance Drama




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