Videos + Photos: Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 6 #BBNaija

We wont let you down as this Big Brother Naija show is entering the interesting and intriguing phase. Did you missed day 6 of the Big Brother Naija reality show? We got you Videos + Photos Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 6 #BBNaija

It appears Biggie is here to making each and every minute inside the Big Brother Naija house a paramount one.

As Nigeria’s unscripted television appear, Big Brother Naija is nearing to the end of its first week, Biggie has today sorted out the main local gathering for the housemates to remember their minutes after a spending so far 5 Days inside a day in and day out Hours camera observation house.

Also, the previous evening housemates sorted out and enriched the gathering room as Biggie recommended that its upon them to make their gathering look exquisite.

Biggie additionally welcomed a top big name DJ and is none other than “DJ xclusive” to extraordinary demonstrate the occasion. Be that as it may, amid the gathering, Housemates won’t be permitted to meddle with any of the standing prerequisites in the gathering room or press any material on the camera windows. We plan to see Drama, Fun, Great moves, Drinks and the sky is the limit from there? While DJ xclusive will do it to best.

Wakey, Game Time!

Biggie was a decent a game at the beginning of today as he permitted the Housemates to remain in bed until very late. They were drained in the wake of being occupied with assignments all week. They likewise spent the greater part of the previous evening contending in yet another assignment and improving the gathering space for today evening time’s celebrations.

It wasn’t much sooner than the Housemates got up and began tidying up and Biggie messed around with Housemates making them solidify for quite a long time while they were attempting to clean the windows which made for a decent giggle however they were simply beginning.

Poor Miyonse

To state Miyonse and Tboss’ relationship is convoluted would be putting it mildly. The steady forward and backward has been interesting to watch and it appears Tboss is simply not as stricken with Miyonse as he is with her. Recently things hit a tangle when Miyonse undermined to give Tboss a “space” out of disappointment, an awful proceed onward his part. Her reaction to his insult was quick and savage!

Feeling insulted Miyonse chose to hit on Gifty to make Tboss envious, another terrible move. Despite the fact that Gifty was sweet and bubbly at first she turned out to be very frosty and unapproachable once she understood what Miyonse was doing. She totally disregarded his extravagant compliments making for a cumbersome and cringeworthy, one-way discussion.

Who’s getting fortunate today?

The Housemates spent the entire day playing pretenses and there’s such a great amount of energy noticeable all around as the Nigerian Hip Hop party approaches! Following six short days in the House, there are as of now such a large number of potential sentiments. We as a whole know what goes down when the music’s lit and there’s alcohol in wealth yet with such a large number of crossing points, who’s getting fortunate and who’s spending the night in solitude?

Kemen and Uriel

What began as a blameless heart to heart appears to have swelled into something more. Maybe after their visit, Kemen and Uriel acknowledged they had a considerable measure in like manner and chose to follow up on any waiting sentiments. Just a couple of hours after the fact they traded attractive lap moves while Biggie was playing music out of sight. What will happen today evening time? Indeed, time dependably tells

Miyonse + Tboss + Bally

We as a whole know it’s been forward and backward for a considerable length of time amongst Miyonse and Tboss. He loves her and she doesn’t appear to mind however will once in a while indicate him warmth. Be that as it may, the may be another player in the blend. The housemates played a speed dating amusement and when Bally macked on Tboss, she was reddening and very corresponding. Possibly it’s that voice, perhaps it’s something more.

Soma + Miyonse + Gifty

From the get go it’s been Soma and Gifty. They’ve shared personal visits, kisses and even an arousing rub, toward the end of last night. Miyonse’s been watching them unobtrusively the entire time as he plotted his best course of action. He began being a tease and supplementing her wonderful eyes all through yesterday however without any result. Gifty stayed chilly and inaccessible.

Today, things changed and Gifty was more responsive. They had a talk on the informal lodging stroked Miyonse’s hand as she cut his nails and revealed to him how she needs her “sweetheart” to be “all around prepped”.

Biggie’s Band

While the Housemates sat tight for Biggie to authoritatively open the gathering room entryways; a large portion of them accumulated in the parlor range and sang tunes that from yester years. This was fundamentally a time travel session as the sentimentality was exceptionally obvious in their voices and on their countenances.

Also, despite the fact that a portion of the singing was off key, the general state of mind was exceptionally inspiring.

Is this the making of Biggie’s Band? Will there be a best of Biggie gathering collection dropping in stores soon? Figure the truth will surface eventually.

Cocoice Ginger

CocoIce stunned watchers after their Saturday night party as she went alone to an edge of the house and began puffing. Terrific young lady! She really looked laid back, however here she is demonstrating a truly ‘Badt side’


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