Videos + Photos: Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 3 #BBNaija

Things are beginning to get tensed in the House. I bet you dont want to miss all the gist of how Big Brother Naija Day 3 went. Enjoy as you follow the highlights.

Kemen Early For The Morning Jog

BBNaija Day 3 -Kicks off with Kemen jogging as other housemates are still enjoying their bed.

Since Day 1 of Big Brother Naija show, we have been seeing Kemen more interested in the early morning jog and as per now he has maintained it on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise. Watch him here;

Meanwhile, Biggie tries to wake other housemates with some crazy and scaring sounds. He also invites HoH to go and pick new batteries for the microphones. More are yet to come for Day 3 in Big Brother Naija House. Stay tuned!

HoH Uriel Reads Today’s Task -Watch

BBNaija Day 3: Biggie introduces a new TASK for the housemates.

Head of House, Uriel reads a new task give to her by Biggie…….Watch her here:

Interesting! Bisola telling thrilling story, all house pay the attention.

Soma Warns Miyonse Not To Cross His Limits! Gifty Appears For A Diary Session


BBNaija Day 3 seems to come end up with “Drama!” and threats as Soma warns Miyonse not to cross his limits over Gifty.

This came after all housemates were up a break immediately after finishing the “Folktale” TASK given to them by Biggie. Soma and Gifty engaged in a big chat which Miyonse fortunately intervened in and all of the sudden Soma got pissed-off.

In the process, Soma hits back by warning Miyonse to never see him getting close to Gifty even an inch; “If i ever  see you move an inch close to her, I will hit you down,” Soma warns Miyonse after pushing him.

Could this be relationship feeling or what…..!!!? Lets wait and see!

Later, Gifty is called by Biggie to appear for a Dairy Session where she is asked to talk about her feeling with fellow housemates and mention his best friend. More updates are yet to come. 

Cocoice’s Dairy Session, She Says Soma Has No Time For Her Feelings

BBNaija Day 3 Diary Session: Cocoice chats with Biggie on her feeling towards Soma.

Cocoice having a chat with Biggie, She feels over taken by her team mates, She goes a head and says she’s just going to follow others during given Tasks because she feels she can’t do better than them. “Are you relating with anyone in the house” Biggie ask her.

“I have watched Miyonse for some time and i feel he’s never serious and too playful making me think of maybe Soma but i think he has no time for my feelings” Says Cocoice replies to Biggie during her session.

Cocoice says she has easily made up with fellow girls especially TBoss though they are of the same sex. More coming Up!!

Thyme Proudly Naija Task!

Next task is Keeping with the Thyme of proudly Naija. Biggie wants each pair to make an outfit that celebrates a specific Nigerian group. They will find firebricks and other materials to aid in creating there outfits from the store room by the HOH. The outfits don’t have to be traditional even though the Thyme says  indicates celebrating Naija, they have to be creative and should think outside the box while bringing there outfits to life.

HOH is responsible for the organisation  to fellow housemates, they are to pair up with partners they chose yesterday wisely without repetition of yesterdays mistakes where some of them did complete the task.

Now housemates have gathered for a folktale Task…….Too interesting!!!

Bally From Kadunu States

Bally is from kadunu states showup at the traditional task dressed inBaba-rigaBOBO and Ula cap on top. He described his make for the task given. He also talked a little about the basics of  his tradition “House of People” as not being communal and usually like to share a meal among them selves in a Circle.  they don’t discriminate women as he leaded to Tboss. He adds says,in there tradition,they also take Zobo and Kunu as there main drinks .


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