Videos + Photos: Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 2 #BBNaija

So you missed the Big Brother Naija Day 2 (reality show)? If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights (Videos + Photos) for you!

Day 2:

Big Brother Naija house still has more offers to the housemates as Uriel scoops Head Of House titled.

After pending last night thinking about the secret task, Uriel took the piece of paper that was sitting on the table in the garden and went on to read out the Task to the Housemates.

Their focus was directed at winning this specific task so as to offer some sort of solace to Uriel who has clearly placed her house future in a jeopardy.

After the Housemates had replaced all the articles which Biggie had taken out of the House, they all sat down to have their breakfast in the kitchen.

Suddenly, Head of House -Efe decided to interrupt breakfast with a special birthday present to Uriel; His HoH crown and royal ornaments to celebrate her day, and also thank her for going through with the Task that Biggie gave her.

We think more surprises are yet to come from Biggie, So only time will tell. Stay tuned in for more updates from the Big Brother Naija house.

Uriel Reveals The Secrete Task Given To Her Yesterday By Biggie

Yesterday we informed about Uriel’s frustrating secrete task given to her by Biggie….

Uriel was called in the Diary room for her session and was given a difficult secret Task by Biggie…..Biggie gave her until today morning fitness session to decide whether or not she was going to do what Biggie asked her to do.

And it was, If she was to read the card, she would not be eligible for any form of immunity for 2 weeks, even if she won the Head of House Task. If she didn’t read it, she would be eligible for immunity as per the task. There was a catch, though, if Uriel was to read the card, it would help her fellow Housemates in the upcoming Task and they would be eligible for a big reward and the Housemates could suffer a big loss if did not. The stakes couldn’t be higher with the Housemates wagging 100% on their assignment.

Uriel was also instructed to read the card to the Housemates and she has done it as instructed by Biggie. So lets wait for the results as housemates are performing the TASK right now where they are supposed to reposition items back into there strategic location through Uriel, Bally and Efe. Do you thing they will earn the marks for this wagger?

BBNaija Day 2: Bisola Just Can’t Stop Singing For The Birth Day Girl -Uriel

As we informed you yesterday of Uriel birth day which is today. While Bisola just can’t stop singing birth day song for Uriel.

Remember yesterday during the Diary Room Session, Uriel requested Biggie if possible they play her favourite song “Ediwanza” that her mother used to sing for her during the childhood days since today is her Birthday. Hopefully Biggie will fulfill Uriel’s request!

Later Biggie rings the bell, Housemates gather for a morning fitness session. Tripple-T takes the lead for the fitness session this time round besides Kemen -the fitness superstar.

The theme for the week was Proudly Naija and Biggie yesterday wasted no time in setting various Tasks for the Housemates, some were secret and were designed to test the Housemates loyalty to each other.

Fortunately Uriel was given a secrete difficult task until today’s morning fitness session to decide whether or not she was going to do what Biggie asked her to do. Lets wait and see!

Meanwhile, Happy Birth Day to Uriel…………….

“Indomi Noodle Cooking Challenge”, Bisola And Kemen Good Chefs So Far!

Team One: Bisola and kemen,

They cooked there local, Bisola handled the cooking so Kemen explained to Biggie and fellow housemates on the spices used in “indomi” noodles which were very good because they take short time cook. “We did Eggs, vegetables, pepper, kidney plus some fish and carrots,we put vegetables inside the eggs to symbolise buggies eye and the carrots to represent Oga “PAYPORTE” colours,” Kemen concluded. In addition to their “indomi”, they added some juice with ice cubes to cool the pepper while eating the meal.

Team Two: Uriel and Gifty,

They were inspired by the Italian tomato and pestle source, squash, turkey red pepper, ginger, gallic and they carried some simple and healthy food with the aim of crossing boarders and make it international with sausage to give some smoky nice food.

Team Three: ThinTallTony and Marvis,

They aimed at uniqueness and by doing so, they decided to make their “indomi” raw for people to make there own choice in cooking. The ingredients were; carrots, tomatoes, yellow pepper, slices of raw sausage and vegetables with the Indomi noodles and also recycled the cat feet of a chicken that Kemen and Bisola had to put for disposal because in Nigeria, “It is not good to waste food.” Tony admitted.

Team Four: Bally and Cocoice. Fortunately didn’t come up with there final food preparations unless they gave Biggie an excuse.

Team Five: Soma and Miyonse: They were also not able to come with their food though they wanted to make Nigerian local chicken source and noddles.

Team Six: TBoss and Efe were also not able to come with the food due to luck of ample time.

Biggie enjoyed the food but the next assignment was to let all the housemates have a look at the food prepared by fellow housemates and tell which one is better but not basing on your friendship and teammate.

Later they were instructed to taste each one food and stand behind the dish they think tasted best and it comes out to be Team One and Team Two on the game where Team one of Bisola and Kemen merged to be better Chefs.

Seeing that the other Housemates didn’t finish their task, Biggie’s punishment was for them to still finish their meals and serve them as dinner. Some of the Housemates didn’t take lightly to losing such a seemingly simple cooking Task, and gathered around to discuss their reasons why.

Congratulations! to Kemen and Bisola who managed to win the challenge.

TBoss’ Diary Session, She Again Breaks Down

TBoss Vs Uriel – Day 1: Diary session.

TBoss when asked by Biggie about her friendship with Uriel, She replied; “I have never seen peace in our time because Uriel always acts arrogant over me”.

She also complained to biggie that it was unfair for Uriel to react against her during “who goes first and who does last” during the assignment of “Indomi cooking challenge” and fortunately broke into tears.

The Diary Session Is Still On, Soma Hates Gossiping!

The Diary Session is still on!

Housemate, Soma hates seeing fellow housemates gossiping like women and goes ahead and tells biggie that most of the housemates are struggling to play smart to everyone in the house and this makes him sit back and pick a few to deal upon with.

It seems differences cropping between the housemates are only increasing wherever Biggie is introducing a new Task. Lets wait and see what will happen in house as more tasks and challenges are to be introduced by Biggie.

Dairy Session Now Done! -Bisola Vs Miyonse…..

Biggie Diary Session for Day 2 now done!!

Bisola vs Miyonse …..”He put a show on me in the kitchen all day but successfully i managed to complete my task in time however much Miyonse the biggest game player in there tried to put me down basing on the simple argument i had with him over the yellow pepper i was going to use as my ingredient ” Bisola narrates to Biggie.

Does she sound real this time round? Hopefully……Lets wait and see!

And now it’s Birth Day celebrations for Uriel…….Fun, Drama and more to come.


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