Videos + Photos: Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 1 #BBNaija

We promised to bring you daily updates from Big Brother Naija Show.

Day 1:

Efe Becomes First HoH

Congratulations! Efe after a big struggle finally wins BBNaija Head of the House.

Efe told by Biggie to read “theme of the week” which marks end of the task and housemates are told to leave the Arena.

Biggie wasted no time at all after Ebuka, K9, Flavour and Yemi Alade had sprinkled stardust over this season’s opening show. Biggie allowed the Housemates to settle into their new environment before he called TBoss into the Diary Room for the Housemates first Task – a Fire Drill.

The Housemates had to use the fire extiguishers to put out a fire in the garden, letting them know how important safety was in the House. The Housemates passed their first test with flying colours and managed to win points towards their first wager.

The Housemates wasted no time in getting to know each other, with some spending more time together than others. Soma attracted more attention from the ladies than most. He and Gifty spent a lot of time in the kitchen flirting with each other and even singing to each other, although Uriel and Bisola also vied for his attention. Miyonse and TBoss, not to be left out also spent time making eyes to each other as did Kemen and Marvis. Marvis had spent some time earlier talking to herself in the garden.

The House was abuzz with everybody talking over each other as each Housemate tried to make themselves heard as they all started to get to know each other. They wasted no time in getting stuck into the alcohol with Marvis and ThinTallTony being the first to start drinking. Fashion conscious Gifty and Uriel changed outfits as soon as they got into the House. Miyonse blew a kiss to TBoss which obviously struck a nerve with TBoss as she moved to slap him jokingly.

Drama in the Diary Room

With sparkling eyes, Bisola expressed genuine appreciation for all her fellow Housemates.
She thought of herself as one who made friends easily though she didn’t like that Meyonse snapped at her about a simple yam and egg recipe.

Bisola wasn’t going to take any nonsense and ordered “Babba calm down” to her upset Housemate.
Soma kept his competitive nature tightly wrapped under a sunny and friendly disposition – he admitted wanting to take a shot at the HoH position.

So far it appeared as if he might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing inside the House.
Beyond the hype, hair and hope, Uriel appeared to be pretty cautious: she said she wanted “everybody to be happy so they can live happily ever after” but she did not trust any of her Housemates.

She said she was not ready to kiss anyone in the House.
In true Uriel fashion, she asked Biggie for a red velvet cake, vodka, Brazilian hair extension and for the Naija old school tune “Eni pon se, bio bio” to be played on her birthday tomorrow.
Under her polished looks, CoCoIce made no secret that she couldn’t stand the sea of fake accents in the House.

She thought that Bisola particularly exaggerated her British accent; and, TBoss who had an initial friction with Uriel divulged she didn’t really flow with Bally.
Despite being wary of each other, TBoss and Gifty bonded over the loss of loved ones.

Cocoice breaks down!

The true side of Cocoice…
What made Cocoice a strong Nigerian was simply because she didn’t spend much time with her mum and in actual life she never had anyone close to keep her happy and all her siblings didn’t seem to take much of her attention since they used not to find time for her.

Her teenage sister was much on media giving her hard time and she says she couldn’t restrict her from such platforms.

On narrating this to her fellow housemates, Cocoice ended up shading tears leaving Efe and Soma touched and they ended up consoling her, Most of the housemates became so emotional and requested Cocoice to calm down

Uriel on a hard rock, Biggie gives her a difficult secret Task!

Uriel was called in the Diary room for her session and was given a difficult secret Task by Biggie…..Biggie gave her until tomorrow morning’s fitness session to decide whether or not she was going to do what Biggie asked her to do.

If she was to read the card, she would not be eligible for any form of immunity for 2 weeks, even if she won the Head of House Task. If she didn’t read it, she would be eligible for immunity as per normal. There was a catch, though, if Uriel was to read the card, it would help her fellow Housemates in the upcoming Task and they would be eligible for a big reward and the Housemates could suffer a big loss if did not.

The stakes couldn’t be higher with the Housemates waging 100% on their assignment.
Uriel was also instructed to read the card to the Housemates. How will this affect Uriel? Will she rally and come back to the top of the game. She has been told by Biggie to keep it secret though she felt alot afraid about the given assignment, Will she learn from this? Only time will tell.
When asked by Biggie if she had already made new friends in the house; “Am a friend to Efe because i am more conversant with boys since i have four brothers at home” Uriel replies to Biggie.
“Also am confused about my relationship with girls in the house,” Uriel added.
Meanwhile, She also requested Biggie if possible they play her favourite song “Ediwanza” that her mother used to sing for her during the childhood days since tomorrow is her Birthday.

Kemen feels awesome with the new friends

They exchanged greetings with Biggie; He feels awesome and he has had enough already this day and if it continues this way he will be grateful.

He hopes he has made good friends like Efe, Tripple-T, Bally, Soma, Marvis. But mostly for Uriel, Kemen admits they are going to spend some good time together in specific fitness needs that he has ensured to see her through but for the likes of Gifty, Miyonse,Tboss, Kemen says he’s still getting to know them. He adds that he’s a bit worried of Bisola is kind of a tough person and also said Cocoice is a reserved person but he is hopping to know them better with time.

He was asked about the task and said he was disappointed but there is no reason to stay unhappy because in his usual self, he always conveys disappointments to motivations to become a better person.

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