Photos: Man Destroys Bible After a Catholic Priest Destroyed His Community Shrine

Man tears a copy of Bible after a Catholic cleric annihilated a shrine in his community.
The young fellow presented above, destroyed a copy of the book of scriptures (Bible) after a catholic minister, Reverend Fr. Ebubu Muo Nso, annihilated a holy place in his group in Ekwulobia, Anambra state. In the video, the man says he is enraged that a sanctum worked by his progenitors could be devastated by the Rev. Father.

“The more you smolder the sanctums the more form of the Bible I will tear, reverend father ebube monso organized some pointless young men to blaze our places of worship at ekwuluobia, that is the reason I tore the Bible once more” he said Watch a video of him tearing the book of scriptures after the cut…


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