Jenna Dewan Mad At Channing Tatum Over Her Nu_de Photo

The actress, who bared all as she lay on the bed in the NSFW image, was reportedly mad at her husband as she never wanted him to share such intimate photo of her on social media.
Channing Tatum’s fans weren’t the only ones freaking out when he shared a nude picture of his wife Jenna Dewan last week. The actress herself was reportedly surprised that her husband would post such intimate snap and she’s not at all happy about it.

The image in question, shot in black and white, featured Jenna stripping down to her birthday suit as she lay on a bed with the white sheet only covering half of her body. ‭”‬Nap time‭ = ‬The Best Time,‭” ‬so Channing captioned it.‭ ‬

The photo caused a very “big fight” between the two lovers. While Channing posted it basically to brag about how lucky he is to have a wife like Jenna, his wife actually never wanted the world to see her nude picture.


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