Videos + Photos: Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 8 #BBNaija

Day 8 of Big Brother Naija proved to us one thing, “Drama is just getting started in the House”. Hahahaha you missed the show? catch up rightaway.


With the rain pelting outside, the Housemates had their initial morning wellness session in the Arena. A portion of the Housemates appeared to be depleted from the previous evening’s dramatization with Gifty and Soma battling through their activities.

After their session, everybody assembled around the table for another round of Whot and an unconstrained chime in burst out with the evergreen “Ain’t no daylight” by Bill Withers ringing out sweetly and after that Mario’s “Only a companion,” with the Housemates all participating in excitedly.

Miyonse and TBoss appeared to be quelled as they busied themselves in the kitchen cooking for everybody, seeing from the sidelines. Prior, new Housemates, Debbie-Rise and Bassey had a talk upstairs in the room before being called down the stairs to play the session of Whot. They appear to have coordinated themselves into the House truly well, in light of current circumstances.

It soon turned out to be clear what was going ahead between the two with TBoss annoyed with her “boo” heading off to the lounge chair and sulking. Her nose was out of joint as Miyonse had said that she ate a lot as he had not had a significant part of the breakfast he had cooked. She enjoyed a touch of turn around brain science and in the long run Miyonse invested his energy attempting to get over into her great books.

New Head of House

Uriel’s chance as Head of House needed to arrive at an end and Biggie called Uriel into the Dairy Room tell the Housemates that Biggie would soon call them into the Arena. It didn’t take yearn for Biggie to call the Housemates into the Arena where they were told by Biggie to take the key doled out to them and to go to the comparing box.

The majority of the cases had earth and string in them as Biggie got the numbers out each one in turn. New young lady Debbie-Rise found a Joker’s cap in her container to which Biggie disclosed to her that she was currently the House Joker, entertaining the Housemates. After many discharge boxes, in the end Biggie called CoCoIce’s name and she found the HoH crown in her crate.

Biggie educated the Housemates that she was currently the Supreme Leader and must be alluded to as “Igwe” for whatever is left of her time as HoH. He educated her that she had outright control over everybody, particularly Debie-Rise, being the new Joker of the House. With the idolization of her Housemates ringing in her ears, Biggie called her instantly into the Diary Room where he laid out the principles for her, she needed to pick two groups. The new Teams were “Those who are well off” and “The poor.” The “Have” were permitted to rest in the agreeable twofold beds with the “Have Not” Team sleeping in the single beds upstairs. The “Have Not” Team were additionally to make breakfast for whatever is left of the Housemates.

Igwe squandered no time in picking Bisola, Miyonse, Efe, Bassey, ThinTallTony and Kemen as the “Have Not” group with herself, Debie-Rise, Bally, TBoss, Gifty, Soma and Bally as the “Have” Team. Before the greater part of this happened, Biggie advised the Housemates to stand up and bow to their new Supreme Leader, which they took extraordinary thoroughly enjoy doing.

With Debbie-Rise urging guitar, the melodic Housemates had a great time singalong, filling the House with delightful sounds. Biggie called CoCoIce into the Diary Room in her full formal attire where he gave her a dark book brimming with Tasks for the entire week. He cautioned her, notwithstanding, that she was to keep the book mystery as though it was found, she would lose her title of Igwe and she would put the weeks bet in peril.

A New CocoIce

CoCoIce had been a noiseless nearness in the House, yet that all changed when she got to be Head of House. She was given unlimited authority by Biggie, that her oath was to be obeyed by every one of her followers in the House.

Igwe educated Bisola to ensure that the new person, Bassey whom she made her own bodyguard must wear a bra for whatever is left of the day. Prior she had Bisola wash her feet for her. She took to her new position of force with majestic balance.

She should, nonetheless, take care to protect her dark book and ensure that no one sees the book or else she would lose her Head of House position and put the up and coming bet in peril.

The Nominations

Things got genuine again at night when the housemates needed to choose their two slightest loved housemates for possible eviction on Sunday.



  • Kemen nominated Miyonse and Soma
  • Bally nominated Miyonse and Soma
  • Tboss nominated Miyonse and Gifty
  • TTT nominated Miyonse and Gifty
  • CocoIce nominated Miyonse and Soma
  • Marvis nominated Miyonse and Gifty
  • Miyonse nominated Kemen and Marvis
  • Gifty nominated Bisola and CocoIce
  • Bisola nominated Miyonse and Gifty
  • Efe nominated Miyonse and Tboss
  • Soma nominated Kemen and TTT
  • Uriel nominated Bisola and Tboss

Toward the finish of the night, HoH CocoIce spared Gifty and supplanted her with Efe, leaving the three housemates up for designation as Miyonse, Soma and Efe.


Which of the housemates would you like to see clear out?


Miyonse and Tboss getting cozy after the live nominations…. Tboss did nominate him you know? And her reason for that was because she felt Miyonse is a distraction for her in the game and gets on her nerves… lol.. tho she still said she regretted doing that…
But they still do this…Well…..
What do you think?


Igwe has a new bodyguard. Bisola enjoys putting the bra on new Housemate Bassey


Igwe gets her feet massaged and washed by Bisola


SMH, Uriel will not stop crying…..Cry Cry Baby