[VIDEOS + PICS] Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 5 #BBNaija


Did you watch day 5 of the Big Brother Naija reality show?

On the off chance that you missed it, we have the highlights for you. Trust me, Big Brother Naija Day 5 was hilarious from start to finish

[VIDEOS + PICS] Highlights from Big Brother Naija Day 5 #BBNaija

Uriel might be on to something

Uriel (feeling regretful about not sparing him) approached Kemen to have a talk about his assignment for ousting after the morning workout. She began by taking note of that she knows Kemen isn’t enamored with her however she valued that he could “assume responsibility of a circumstance” and included “You’re an overwhelming man! I know you’re not going anyplace.

She then attempted to comfort his psyche and said she had a gut nature the entire selection was a setup. She noticed that Biggie said “Conceivable expulsion not positive!” and finished up by guaranteeing Kemen that she questioned “anyone’s going home.”

Kemen accepted the open door to open up about his own particular battles and tragic he wasn’t disturbed she didn’t spare him. Actually, he fancied her

Could this be love?

Miyonse is coquettish and a remarkable women man yet there’s one lady in the house he’s reliably attempted to win over and that is Tboss! He conceded before he came into the house that he’s into more established ladies and plainly it appears. From cooking her uncommon dinners to foot back rubs, to showering her with compliments every day he’s done it all. He took things to the following level yesterday (Day 4) when he attempted to kiss her and revealed to her his “heart jumps with satisfaction” when he sees her “lovely face in the morning.”

Tboss, then again, appears to be somewhat hot and chilly in her discussion with the most youthful chap in the house. Maybe this is on the grounds that she’s more seasoned, more develop and her choices are more considered. Whatever it is, she’s fought off his advances since they went into the house. That said from time to time she demonstrates awesome care and even devoted her lyric to him amid yesterday’s errand.

Party Time!

To begin with up, Biggie declared that cooking benefits had been reestablished which was met by shouts of “Gbosa!” however he wasn’t done yet! Payporte had a unique present for the Housemates sitting tight for them in the store room. Each Housemate got fresh out of the plastic new garments for the enormous party tomorrow (Saturday) and if their shenanigans this evening are anything to pass by we’re in for a treat tomorrow night! Obviously, they were elated and at the end of the day began droning “Gbosa” and “We cherish you Payporte!”

Biggie likewise educated them that beginning one week from now they’d have the capacity to shop by means of touch screen for two fresh out of the box new looks cordiality of Payporte, one for the Saturday night party and another for Eviction night. They additionally got the chance to hear the Payporte jingle energetic BB Naija watchers are as of now acquainted with. This jingle, Biggie clarified, was their flag to begin shopping and it would play again when the time had come to stop. Ultimately, he revealed to them anything they search for would be conveyed on Friday for nothing.

Themed Party

Biggie simply let the Housemates realize that they get the chance to set up a gathering of immeasurable scope as a reward for winning their bet. The topic for this festival is Nigerian Hip-Hop and a big name Dj will be in participation tomorrow night. (Day 6)

Biggie additionally left an assortment of themed things in the storeroom and told the Housemates it was their duty to adorn the gathering room and ensure it looks phenomenal. There were additionally different props that they were offered authorization to use keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade the outfits they got from Payporte this evening.

The Housemates were at that point celebrating and moving this evening so we can hardly wait to perceive what goes down once a popular Dj and bountiful measures of liquor get tossed in with the general mish-mash.

Do you think HoH Uriel might be onto Biggie’s trap?


Giftyyy oooooooo I love her given us something to laugh at #bbnaija



Aunty Bisola will Not Kill Us/Herself LOOOOOL…….I came in like a wrecking ball…you mean you did a Bisola 😂



So this happened during Day 5 Challenge….I Kent Laugh abeg…Aunty Bisola came in like a wrecking ball and back & forth on the Rope like the Nigerian Exchange Rate.








Trust Kemen who gave us another hilarious moment to laugh about. Just watch and laugh along.




And in another interesting moment, Kemen gave Uriel Lap dance.