Meet The Multi-billionaire Who Made $32.2M a Day in 2016

The belief that Trump is going to come in and deregulate big parts of the economy is driving the markets right now’ says political expert.

Multi-billionaire Warren Buffett made on average $32.2m (£26.3) every day in the year that populism triumphed in global politics.

The ‘Wizard of Omaha’ regained his spot as the world’s second-richest person two days after the US election result despite opposing Mr Trump throughout the campaign.

Critics are claiming this is yet more evidence that the 70-year-old property magnate’s presidency will not “drain the swamp”.

The economic policy ideas they are putting forward would not address inequality but instead double down on the approach that produced it.”

Dr Klaas however said Mr Buffett, who donated stock valued at $2.6bn (£2.1bn) in July, may realise that Mr Trump’s effect on economic growth will be short lived.

He added: “Buffett’s successes are separate from his policy views.

“Buffett is a breed of billionaire that believes that the world is a better place when wealth is not so concentrated in the hands of a tiny few and a world in which people who work hard are rewarded with a decent life.”