10 Simple steps to make your partner enjoy s*x to the fullest – the power of #4, #6 and #10 cant be overemphasized


6. Turn her on with words of mouth

Women are sensitive beings and they like to hear what you men call sweet nonsense. There is no woman who does not like being complemented and told those sweet things but most men are afraid to say anything or make any noise in bed because they’re afraid the woman will think they’re cheesy or weird. But if they were privy to private female conversations, they would know the exact opposite is true. A woman gets bored with a man who is completely silent in bed, because she doesn’t know whether or not he’s even enjoying it.

It’s a complete turn-off. Women want their men to tell them they are actually enjoying what they do with her. Think about it: would you be turned on more by a woman who lay there as silent and still as a corpse, or a woman who is screaming your name in pleasure and telling you she loved your penis? You need to learn how to be vocal in bed, and how to turn a woman on through sexual talk.