BeaconGate Presents a One-Day Business Workshop


BeaconGate Presents a One-Day Business Workshop

Successful entrepreneurs are people on the move, some hardly have a process or system but just to get things done as soon as they get the idea. They understand that being creative and innovative in their approach can help propel them or their business for success.

The best entrepreneurs also understand that getting the foundation right is important and highly critical to their growth as this can either make or mare their business.

Attending BeaconGate one day business workshop will prepare business owners for great entrepreneurial journey on how to work on goals, type of business to register, getting the right vision and direction and planning your business vision. The workshop will also help guide you on how to plan your

  • Business vision and direction to take.
  • How to work round a business plan.
  • What type of business to register
  • Business ideas to do in 2017
  • Working on your customer service
  • One on one coaching session.

Accept responsibility for your life, Take determined step to start your business. Let BeaconGate give you the needed boost to take action and get the foundations right before starting out.

We are empire builders with People, Passion and Possibilities.

Make it a date with us on Feb 18th, 2017 at 10am LCCI Exhibition centre, Alausa,Ikeja. Call 07033-400-312 for registration or send an email to